Nursing pads, sleeping babies, Weather channel

This morning, after a particularly restful night of sleep – because Elliot slept from 12 until 6! – I was trying on outfits. The beauty of my workplace is that casual is acceptable. I.E. I can wear jeans and a nice shirt and almost be overdressed. So I’m trying on shirts and I realize that if I turn a bit sideways, and the light is right, you can see the outline of the nursing pads. And these are the thin ones, my friends. A mother’s fashion really suffers if she chooses to breastfeed her child. Nursing bras aren’t all that great, in my opinion, and the whole process, etc… is annoying. Luckily I ended up finding a decent top but I left my house ten minutes late.


One of the best gifts I got this Christmas was this CD. If you’ve read my “to know me” page, then you’d know why. This thing is great! Although, with my recent lack of sleep, putting this CD on equals instant Zzzzs.

But anyway, since today is a commenting day – :) – tell me: what was one of the best gifts you got this Christmas and why?