A peaceful, easy feeling

Elliot’s 5 month stats:

  • 14 pounds, 7 ounces
  • 24.5 inches long
  • 25th percentile for height
  • teething
  • hernia almost gone

He took the shots pretty well and the afternoon went by in a blur of feeding, napping, and hand print making. However, the evening left much to be desired in the “good little boy” area. I fed him at 6 and then Ash took him with him to a friend’s house so I could go attempt to find a top to wear to this wedding. I was unsuccessful in my shopping endeavor so I went ahead and met up with Ash to procure the babe and get back home. Luckily, I was in the sort of mood as to not become frustrated with Elliot’s anger and apparent pain, as if someone were stabbing him repeatedly and turning the knife around in his gullet. After a couple comfort feedings and some baby Tylenol (I had really tried to hold off on medicating) he finally fell asleep by 10. In fact, he slept until 2:45 when he ate quickly and went back to sleep until 6. I love you, Elliot. Or rather, I love you, Tylenol.

Shots must be rough on little ones; of course they don’t remember it as they grow up but it’s got to be buried somewhere subconsciously. I think anyway.

Almost the weekend, which I am actually blocking out of my mind because all the gajillion things I STILL need to do in preparation for the car ride, and the roughly 10 hours Elliot will be left in my parents’ care. Not looking forward to the traveling and it’s not even because it will be with baby and dogs. I like seeing places but the getting there just drives me mad.


Just wanted to share Top 5 reasons to hate Dane Cook. I used to think he was really funny… in 2002. That was before he got popular and starred in some really bad films. But I must disagree with the article. There doesn’t have to be a punchline if the story is funny, if the story connects to you in some way. He doesn’t have to star in classic films like Steve Martin (who, by the way, I don’t actually find all that funny), and who cares if he has longevity? You shouldn’t hate someone for that. Take the comedy as it comes, laugh, feel better about your life, and move on. Stop being selfish and wanting him to become the next great Chevy Chase or something. Geez, people.

Anyway, it’s 10:30 and it’s slow around here. Off to do something productive.

Do you like eet?

So tell me: new layout = good or bad?

By the way, since blogging was practically made for bitching, can I complain about the mid-twenties asshat who’s sitting outside my office (because I guess he spotted the cushioned bench) talking on his phone as if he were The Last Fratboy on Earth? Dude, what if I were actually trying to do something that required concentration? Have you no concern for others? Granted, I am not concentrating hard on anything; just wasting the last 15 minutes of my workday on finding new and interesting blogs, preferably of the mommyblogger sort. But the principal stands.

So, really, this post was just to ask about the new layout… and to get you guys talking. Come on, you’re quieter than my 8 AM freshmen on a Monday morning!!

Insert expletive here

I started off this day angry. I was running late. I got behind a guy trying to make a left on a two lane road where the traffic goes predominantly the other direction. Then, I parked downtown to get some breakfast – which took forever to be made – and then as I needed to back onto a busy street, a bus pulled up behind me, totally barring me in. I was ten minutes late to work. I walked halfway across campus to the library Starbucks and when I got there, they didn’t have skim milk. I had to get soy. Soy is for hippies. I was cranky enough to tell them so. Especially after they rang me up but didn’t inform me that soy was about a dollar more. We pay more for less? How does that make any sense? I fumed, I seethed, all the way back to my office. Then I read about how a friend of mine will be going to Japan and I was even more angry. Not at him, of course. I am very excited that he’ll get to make that trip. But Ash and I were discussing this weekend, after having spoken with Steven (who lives there), the probability of making a trip to Japan sometime in the next 8 months, before he moves to the UK with his wife, where they will benefit from the healthcare. We came to the conclusion that there’s just too many hinderances: baby, money, dogs, etc…  So really, I guess I am just jealous.

Luckily, life has a way of balancing things out and today is a short one for me: Elliot has a doctor’s appointment at 2 and I plan on leaving around 1. I also have grand visions of an afternoon nap but we’ll see how things play out. Typically, the shots that infants must get make them sleepy but so far, many things that are the norm have proven otherwise. I suppose that is simply parenthood.

I suppose I need to stop being so angry and remember the good things I have, the healthy child, the loving husband. It’s cheesy, I know.But if you don’t look for those things, you might well go insane.

That is all.

Evening the score

Wow, someone just send a general email that sort of exposed one of my friend’s bits of info that I don’t think he wanted everyone to know. I hope he knew that guy was gonna send that.

Anyway, today started off alright, as I fell into a light slumber during Elliot’s 5:30 feeding and awoke at 6:37, just in time for my shower. I was running a little behind but ended up getting out of the house a few minutes early. As I was leaving the neighbourhood after dropping Elliot off at daycare, I was following a Toyota Camry, going rather fast in a 20 mph zone. I saw him, the furry little kamikaze, bolt out into the road and I saw him too, the I’m-in-a-hurry businessman speeding up and bam! Man – one, squirrel – zero. I was totally squicked by seeing the actual moment that the tire hit the squirrel. I mean, seriously and emotionally bothered. I tried to convince myself that there are a lot more squirrels out there and some are kind of mean, etc. But I still felt a sickness in my gut as the movie in my mind replayed over and over the death of the poor creature.

I had to get a ham, egg, and cheese biscuit to make myself feel better. And a frappucino. And I reasoned with myself about the exercise and how I know that eating like that sometimes won’t put the pounds back on; I know it from experience. But deep down, I really know that I should have opted for the banana and orange juice instead.

I just cleaned up my office and I have boxed up the plagiarism exercises from Fall. This is pretty huge because they take up a ton of space in here and I was beginning to feel a little claustrophobic.

In other semi-important news: it’s voting day, locally. I totally forgot about it, which is odd because I had my sample ballot out to read just last night. I plan on going during my lunch break and maybe I’ll stop by the house too, since my polling place is about fifty feet from the entrance to my neighbourhood. I never really know who I’m going to vote for until I’m in the booth, pen poised. I have a vague idea and I know what each of the candidates stands for. But I don’t like making decisions like that. I worry that it will be the wrong one. Although, America made the wrong decision two terms in a row so how much worse could it get? Really…

So go vote and go save some squirrels and clean your offices and you too can feel as good as I do. How’s that for Tuesday inspiration, huh?

Weekend round-up

Chris over at Rude Cactus got me thinking about what I did and did not accomplish this weekend. And although no one cares what I had for lunch (yeah, some of you get that), I thought I’d run ya a list, because it’s the kind of Monday morning that deserves a list.

What I did:

  • A boatload of laundry, due to multiple blow-outs; thanks, Elliot.
  • Sweeping and mopping of all floors
  • Decluttering of tables and countertops
  • Shelf installation (ok, Ash did this but I put the dvds on)
  • Watched a bit of TV (Rock of Love 2, anyone?)

What I did not do:

  • Take down the Christmas lights (I know I know, but it’s been rainy)
  • Give the dogs baths
  • Get a much needed pedicure
  • File taxes
  • Sleep very much at all

But all in all, a decent weekend. It seemed fairly long, which is nice because then I don’t feel so resentful when Monday morning rolls around and one of the dogs takes a dump in the living room, your shirt looks bad with your coat, your husband is upset about his teeth, and your back aches from the bags of stuff you must lug to and from your car each day. Yeah, it’s not SO bad.


No, not Mia Farrow, Missing in Action. As in, me and this blog. As previously mentioned, I had been battling cold symptoms for about a week and then, around Monday night, Ash started feeling the plague coming on as well. He came home halfway through Tuesday and on Wednesday morning, we both decided to stay home. Ah, but not before dropping Elliot off at daycare. What’s that sound? Oh, nothing. Hey, did you hear Elliot crying? No, he’s at daycare, remember? Oh yeah… ZZZZZ. So I got about two and a half hours before I had to pump the first time. Then we ate tomato soup and grilled cheese while bundled up in blankets on the couch. It was really kind of nice to spend the day with Ash at home. Granted, we were both hacking up a lung and blowing our noses repeatedly. But still.

So I came back to work yesterday and there was indeed a bunch of stuff waiting for me. But the day went quickly because I had to trek all over campus and then I attended a lecture on teaching later on in the afternoon. Before I knew it, 5 o’clock.

I have to tell you, some days, when I get home, I am so excited to see Elliot. I don’t think I really allow myself to miss him during the day but once I see his little smile – almost shy – I remember how in love I am with that little kid. And he had a great night last night: playful, happy, content. Went to sleep around 10, woke up at 1:30 then again at 5:30. This is a huge improvement over the past three weeks when he’s just been going through an awful sleeping phase. And a lot of that was what caused me to get so run down and take a day off work.

But look: it’s Friday! Almost the weekend. Almost time to sit back, relax… HA! Who am I kidding? We still haven’t taken our Christmas lights down. We have a boatload of household things to attend to this weekend and without football, that just might be an attainable goal. Happy Friday, party peoples.

Of penises, rampaging creatures, and baby teeth

I’m pretty sure I am – in some form – still recovering from Friday night. As previously mentioned, I had been warding off a cold for a few days but when it came time to meet friends for a bachelorette party, I couldn’t bring myself to opt out. I would have felt extremely guilty. So, Ash dropped me off at Red Lobster around 7, where I waited for about 15 minutes alone and for about 45 minutes with the rest of our group before being seated. Dinner was good, since we never eat at the Dead Lobster, as Ash calls it. By about 10, we walked out to the lot where we were surprising the bride-to-be with a limo. (You see, two of the husbands of the girls involved are part time drivers) She was shocked and amazed of course.  Tiffanie and Courtney, who arranged the whole thing, had gotten blow up penises and penis straws for the limo. It was a cock-fest in a different sense of the term;Heh heh. So, the nine of us stopped by one of their houses to procure Jell-O shots, then to the liquor store. By this time, I had already had: one Mai Tai, one glass of wine. I then imbibed four Jell-O shots before going to Paradise, which is an inconspicuous restaurant by day but a kicking dance spot by night.

It had been a long time since I had been in any sort of dance club, and this place is not exactly collegiate. So of course, we had some creepy older people in the mix. But it was a good time. I had about half a Long Island Ice Tea (but it tasted like ass) and then I knocked back two Buttery Nipples, which were oh-so tasty. After much drunken dancing – which I normally do NOT do – we finally got home around 2 and I was exhausted. It was when I was taking off my smoky clothes that I realized how run-down I felt, how tired and sick.  I was thankful, though, that Ash was willing to stay home all evening with Elliot so I could go out and do something for myself for once.

Saturday morning, 6 AM. Feeling like battered crap. Elliot was awake and fussy so I took him into the guest room and nursed him until he fell asleep. I think we awoke around 9. I’m a bit hazy on the details but I think I got up and fed the dogs, then had a piece of toast and a couple Aleve.  Around 10 or 10:30, Elliot was fussing again so it was back to the guest room (all so I didn’t wake Ash) and more nursing and sleeping. In fact, I didn’t wake up until my mother got in from Orlando around 1 PM. I felt awful having not really cleaned up before her arrival; hell, I was still in pajamas and my armband from Paradise was still around my wrist. Lesson learned: when you become a parent, it’s difficult to behave in a manner prior to having children without passing out from sheer exhaustion.

The four of us went to dinner that evening and then, out of the kindness of her great big heart, my mother watched Elliot while Ash and I met some friends to watch Cloverfield. I was actually really excited to see it because I like big monster movies. I’m not keen on horrors or even natural disaster flicks, but gimme big rampaging creatures any day. I liked it but the Blair Witch style handi-cam crap made me completely nauseous. One of our friends up and left, got a refund and waited for us in the mall, it made her so sick. I stuck it out because I was too into the story. There’s actually a lot of backstory to this movie but you have to look elsewhere on the net. Either way, I recommend it.

So today, Ash and I are both sick and Elliot is just in the throes of teething, or so I think. He’s drooling like a Saint Bernard, grabbing at his ears, and not sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time. He’s not starving when he awakes but he likes to have something in his mouth. I always like to say that he doesn’t always want to eat but he likes to sit at the bar. We could “look like” we’re nursing all night but I guarantee he’s not sucking. I don’t see any teeth yet but perhaps they’re moving down or up through his gums. What a weird, annoying sensation that must be for him. I feel kind of bad for the little guy but even that is difficult when I have gotten maybe 2-3 hours of sleep in between outbursts of rage. Of course, he isn’t always like that. In fact, yesterday he was a complete angel while my mom and I drove out to Bradley’s and also shopped a bit at the mall. I was sort of sad to see her go because it’s always nice to have someone else helping with the baby. It was nice to shop and have coffee in the mornings. (I only ever make it in my French Press when she comes).

So all in all, I had a good, long weekend and I am slightly depressed about being back at work. My office is a mess and I have a ton of upkeep type activities to be doing. Ugh. But you, what about you? Did you wear a veil lined with little rubber penises or dance to “Get Low” with a gay guy giving you his best Jazz hands? Inquiring minds want to know!

Losing the baby… er, baby weight

I must say, Elliot was a gem all last night. That is, until he only slept 3 hours at a time during the night. But I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t get as annoyed with it, just accustomed to it. You learn to live on fewer hours of sleep. And to love coffee with all your heart and soul.

This cold that is trying desperately to invade my body is losing its battle, slowly. I awoke feeling stuffier, shivery, more congested and afflicted with a headache. I ran home around 9 to get a jacket, take some Aleve and get a coffee. I’m feeling… OK, now, but I’m still raging this war with the germs; you’re not going to ruin my weekend, you fiend.

Last night, we purchased an elliptical machine for our home. After our terrible Gold’s gym experience (lied to, broken machines, etc.) this is the only way we will be able to get ourselves into shape. We have the willpower and the fortitude to stick to a routine but not if we have to join another gym. It simply won’t happen. So, hopefully, by next Friday we’ll be on the high road to pounds lost and muscle gained. And if nothing else, we’ll have a really fancy coat rack.

Anyway, it’s Friday, I have a latte, and I’m about to play a game of Scrabble. Happy TGIF!

Calculating the postage to Borneo

Elliot has been downright rotten the past couple of days. Ok, well, I’ll give him the 30 or so minutes – combined – of smile time; of “yes, you can lay me on the bed and I will happily coo and chew my fingers” time. But otherwise, he’s been fussy and feisty, not satisfied, drooly, spitty, squirmy. He’s either trying really hard to come down with a cold or his gums are about to burst forth with an incisor the size of an arrowhead. I mean, this kid is fired up!

The daycare woman made sure to tell me that when she relates to Ash in the afternoons that Elliot has been particularly grumpy, she isn’t complaining in any way, shape or form. It’s her job and she knows that, but she wants us to know how he’s been feeling. This makes me feel even better about that place.

Last night was an utter mess of an evening – the details I will not divulge here – but suffice it to say that Elliot didn’t sleep well and it was probably due to his ridiculous baby intuition and he could feel the stress and tension in the house. News to you kid: that’s what life is all about.


I didn’t bother trying to get to work on time today. Subsequently, I was only 3 minutes late. Not bad considering I just didn’t give a crap whether I made that light or took my time ordering coffee. Just like I didn’t give much thought to my wardrobe: I’m wearing jeans and an FSU sweatshirt. I look like scum but I am comfy and when I know I’m coming down with something (runny nose, cough) that’s all I care about. Of course I’m getting sick, why wouldn’t I? I never get conventionally sick, like The Flu or something. I’ll get run-down or out of sorts but never just A Cold. But I was sick at Christmas and now that my mom’s coming into town, there I go again.

So today is all vitamins and water, rest and hand sanitizer. Try to ward off this impending funk. But luckily it is already Thursday, the rain is clearing up, and I’ve got a cheese danish. Things are looking up.