Slacker style

I’ve been an awful blogger lately. In fact, I feel like I’ve been an awful person lately too. I’m in an OK mood all day (although, I’ve not been going out as much during the day, which makes me irritable that I haven’t given myself any time) but when Ash gets home, I am suddenly upset and likely to give some attitude. I think my subconscious wants to be relieved of the baby but when Ash has stuff to do and I have to keep holding him, I get annoyed. I love that boy to death but on days like the past few where all he wants to do is nurse and/or be carried around the house, I start to go just a little insane. I know I have talked about how very little I actually want him to be in daycare, but I think I’ll feel a whole lot better when my days are not spent attached to the little suctopus. I’ll miss him immensely and I guarantee I will call the nice woman who will be watching him at least 5 times during that first week. But seriously, I think every person in every family just needs some time away from everyone.

I’m sure most moms know what I mean: when Elliot has days where as soon as I sit down from walking him about the hallway and each and every room, he goes nuts. Not all out crying but fussing and whining. He wants to constantly be on the move but I have things to do! Plus, my back is just about on the verge of just giving out. By 7 at night, it’s done and all I want to do is lie down. I cannot even begin to imagine what going back to work will be like in that department. Work all day, sending the stress right to my lower back, then come home and hold a fussy kid all night. By the time I get in bed, I think my back will be so weak by body will simply fold in two and I’ll be done, done I tell you.

But look: I got all my Christmas cards written and addressed. All I have to do is pop in the pic of little Elly and write the return address. I even went to the post office for stamps so I could use a round of applause for my accomplishment; they don’t seem to happen as often these past few weeks.

In other news, Kid Nation ended last night. I’m sort of sad about this because I loved that show. And I never really set aside time to watch any shows… except that one. I thought it was a great idea and it panned out well. I can’t wait for a new season!

Elliot is now happily cooing in his crib, staring up at his Ocean Wonders mobile. I am thankful for small miracles.