Deflation, elation

I hate Sundays in general. I hated them more when I was working, of course. Always had the Sunday Blues. Feeling down now because my mom and dad left and Ash is back but we haven’t had much time to talk since our friend is here for football and football dominates Sunday. I feel so empty when my family leaves and it’s pretty ridiculous this time since we’ll be seeing them again in a mere week and a half.

Now that Elliot is almost 11 weeks old, I have begun to notice how much he and I have bonded. Sure, he did fine for my mother for the one night but once I came home, I could see how easily he could be calmed if only I held him. Ash gets him to sleep well but it seems like I can get him to sleep faster. His eyes light up and a smile creeps upon his face when I pick him up from his crib. He’s finally realized who mommy is and how much he needs me. It’s the smiles he shoots me that overflow my heart to the point of bursting.