Makes the world go ’round

I hate to say that the thing I’m going to tell you has actually made me very happy. I hate to be… greedy or materialistic or a hoarder but I GOT THE BONUS! Everyone I know who works for the state kept talking about this big bonus that was coming and I figured I wasn’t getting it since no emails had been sent out. Besides, sometimes the University doesn’t get all the state benefits, even though we are a state-paid institution. But lo and behold, when I checked my bank account this morning, it was there. Woo hoo!  I literally did a dance of joy about this bit of money. I won’t tell you the amount because that would be uncouth but let’s just say it’s more than 500 and less than 700. It is a welcome little addition as I have to go to the dentist next week and, oh yeah, I could REALLY use some retail therapy.

(Ok, I admit it: I bought some stuff yesterday but it was all for Elliot. Two sleepers and the cutest pair of argyle socks. Argyle! For little baby boys! I promise pictures are forthcoming.)

So my plan today is to go to the grocery store, for we have nothing to eat except pantry items and really, I am a little tired of boxed mac and cheese, canned veggies, and graham crackers. I may also go to Target and get myself a sweater. Each winter I try to buy myself one new jacket sort of thing. I also usually retire one from last season, one that may not fit or I don’t like anymore. So I’m off to shower while LittleOne is sleepy sleepy and then we’re going to bundle up and head out.