One from the vaults…

Heh heh, yeah that was a vague Rocky Horror reference. Sigh, those were the days… ::poof: That was my little nostalgia memory cloud bursting. ANYway, I felt like dredging up some old photos, since I was going through the archives and doing some organizing. So without further ado, some pictures that will probably reveal more of me than I was ever willing to share. (But you love it.)

This was me in 2003, fat and unattractive:archival-blog1.jpg

This was me and my family at my grandmother’s funeral, Sept. 2003:archival-blog-6.jpg

This was me December of 2004, skiing and hating it:archival-blog-5.jpg

This was me in March 2004, at Disney: archival-blog-4.jpg

This was me at my bachelorette party with sister and friend:archival-3.jpg

This was me in Hawaii, October 2005:  archival-blog-2.jpg

Ok, that’s enough sharing for one day. I’m off to watch football ALL DAY LONG.