Elliot has done a few things that I thought I’d point out, because they are key in his early development.

  • Halfway through September, he slept from 4 AM until 9 AM
  • Early in October, he rolled from his front to his back on his own
  • Two days ago, he turned his head in the direction of a rattle
  • Last night, he smiled when I came into the nursery

That last one was a big moment for me because I had just read that half of all 6 week old babies recognize and smile at their parents. I was feeling kind of sad that Elliot had so far only looked at us with that wide-eyed shock-and-awe face. Ash took him in to be changed and when I walked in and stood over the changing table, Elliot turned to see me and a huge smile grew across his tiny mouth. I damn near cried.

Today, he has been very very calm, even when fussing for food he hasn’t belted out the “I’m being stabbed by hunger” cry. I left the house for an hour to run errands (for which I now feel guilty about spending money) and he slept peacefully in his little rocker while Ash read in the tub. I hope this is a sign that he’s getting a little better. He’s changing every day and it’s too bad there isn’t a “Save” command so I could freeze him like this forever; my little monkey, my little Elly.

October, I love you

This morning, it is 48 degrees outside. This is the Fall I yearn for, the Fall that makes me stay awake even though it’s 6 AM because I can stand outside and just feel the cool air, smell the faint odor of burning wood, and just appreciate life. And then the baby cried and we had breakfast.

I think this weekend we might do the pumpkin patch thing. Although, I may not carve this year but I’m thinking about being extra creative with my pumpkin. We’ll see; I’m not really that interested in spending a heap of money on a couple large gourds, even though I so desperately love them.  I really just want to dress little Elly up and take pictures of him next to the pumpkins. :)

I sometimes wish we had a pumpkin patch/farm nearby so that we could pick our own stuff. The closest one is in Cottondale, which I passed through numerous times on trips to Dothan to see the grandparents. I think it’s a little over an hour away and I’m willing to make that trip, but I somehow don’t think Ash will go for it. But you never know; he’s off today, as he was yesterday, so we’re quite enjoying our four day weekend.

Anyway, I think I’ll get another hour or so of sleep. I might as well take it while I can.