Warning: mushy, gushy entry

I’m all sorts of sad to see this weekend end. Not because I appreciate weekends, for I no longer differentiate anymore since all my days and nights run together, but because I had a really grand time with my mother and aunt here to visit Elliot.

I made some really great spaghetti right after they got in on Friday evening and we mostly spent the night watching Elliot make his little baby faces and cooing over his various random sound bites that he fires out. My mom can’t seem to get enough of holding him and just when I think she’s probably spoiling the hell out of him, only to have him then go through withdrawal, I remember that she hasn’t held a baby in more than twenty years and I give in and feel ok about it all. I’m sure he’ll get over it; he’s already sound asleep after a 6:30 feeding but he was awake a good chunk of the day so he’s probably exhausted.

Anyway, Saturday morning began with me getting something off my chest that had been bugging me all night – since Ash and I discussed it at bedtime. That is, the fact that my mom – although she’s merely suggesting  – has a tendency to sound like she’s telling us how to do things with the baby. I know the age-old in-law problem and it is discussed in each and ever parenting/baby book we own. But I was always sort of under the impression that my mom was exempt… that she would never be that mother in law. But she did say a few things that were of the nature and I blew them off. But the point of it is that if it keeps up, she might end up parenting Elliot, which is not really the role of a grandmother. I want her and my father to be a huge part of his life but not take over my job. So she and I talked and worked it out; seems we just saw things two different ways. I hate confrontations but it all sorted itself out.

Anyway, my mom, aunt and I went to the mall to peruse the baby shops and the FSU apparel shops – crowded as all hell because it was gameday – and to just spend time together. We got pedicures – I know, how girly – before coming home to get ready for dinner. I had made reservations at Osaka for hibachi, because I love me some hibachi and Ash loves the show. He’s highly amused by the servers and their fast hands. Elliot was an absolute angel at the restaurant as always and slept right through it all. Although, he did sort of cringe as the cook lit the hibachi table on fire, as they do at the beginning of every meal as part of the show.

We got some Brusters ice cream to top off the evening and I ended up asleep by 10:30, exhausted but happy to be in such great company.

Today, we partook in burgers and football, my father returned from Alabama where he’d been spending time with my grandfather who is now in extended care, and everyone left around 4 or so. I needed a break from everything so I took a walk around the neighbourhood. AsI walked and passed a few young couples with their toddlers, I realized how much family really does mean to me and how I cannot wait for us to grow in our love for each other as Elliot ages. I don’t want him to grow up too quickly but there are so many things I look forward to. It’s going to be awesome.

This week I need to work on a few things but mostly, come up with a good gift for our second anniversary. It’s the cotton one but I doubt I’ll stick to the theme. But who knows. Any ideas?