You can be my Rock of Love

Ah closure. It ended as I thought it would: Bret picked Jes. She was the obvious choice. She was genuine, fun, not as bitchy or cat-fighty. She wasn’t a stripper, or a crazed PETA advocate or any of the other unsavory traits held by all the other women he had on the show. I hope it works out for them, I really do. After having watched Flavor of Love and I Love New York, seems like these shows don’t aim to do as planned: find a perfect match in hopes it blossoms into true love. Yeah, I’m not sure that sort of thing can be established in a mere two weeks. But it sure makes for a good night of mindless TV watching.

On October 8th, the new season of I Love New York starts and I cannot wait. As little TV as I watch, I really get into those shows. I think it’s because these people act so silly and I’m easily amused by their stupidity.

On a totally different fun and games note: I recently joined, because my good friend invited me . (Although I know now it was for a quest he had to complete). It’s pretty fun; a lot like any role playing game except without all the running around. You challenge other players, gain levels, experience, gold and tokens. You get to upgrade your armour and work on your avatar. Pretty fun all in all. I was just challenged by a guy named HughJewnitt. Now, say it fast and figure it out. Hardy har har, buddy.

I’m off to have lunch with a friend and I have to pack up the kid and the bag full o’ kid stuff and then load said kid and kid stuff all into the car… gee, being a mom certainly involves a lot more than just love.