I’d say that my post labor recovery went pretty smoothly. My back stopped aching around 5 days out of the hospital and I regained strength within maybe a week. In terms of the nether regions, it doesn’t hurt to sneeze, cough, or laugh anymore, which means my pelvic floor is healing. Of course, I was supposed to be doing those kegel exercises for that and I never did. We made our two mile walk the other night and I felt great.

There is no recovery from the sleep schedule I am now on. My days and nights run together in an endless cycle of 3 hour intervals (sometimes 4 if he’s really full and/or sleepy). Getting things done like showering, cleaning, and general goofing-off must be done within a time frame, all while glancing at the baby monitor from time to time to make sure airways aren’t blocked or he’s not lying in a pool of spit up.

It’s rare to see the inside of a restaurant these days; to have someone else prepare a meal for me – one that doesn’t involve sandwich meat or bagged salad lettuce. I met Ash at Chili’s on Friday so that was a treat. Elliot just slept, as he so often does when strapped into the carseat. I treat myself to a latte or a soda if I manage to make it to the grocery store. I treasure these small moments because my full time job now requires so much face time with the baby and takes places within the confines of my home. I see why some mothers end up staying depressed far longer than the average of 2-3 weeks post partum. Meanwhile, I think I am over that crazy phase. Last week even I was still feeling terribly blue once the sun went down (seratonin, don’t leave me now!) but these past couple days I have felt better about everything, even though my entire life feels turned on end.

My mother and aunt are coming up to visit on October 5th. It seems far away but will be here before I know it. I look forward to it though because maybe – just maybe – we can get out for a short time and got to Masa for some sushi and respite from the baby. Not that I don’t want to spend all my time with him – for him – but a few hours being who I used to be is sometimes very needed. Plus, my mom promised me a pedicure as well and I seriously need one.

It’s completely different being a mother, staying home, having only the responsibility of paying bills and being a mom and wife. I’m slowly getting used to it, realizing that this is something I chose and that you could not prepare for… you just have to take the plunge and take things as they come. And you know, it’s working ok just fine.