No, I will not apologize

I’ve been scarce around this blog over the weekend but for no particular reason. Baby is still on the dumb blanket thing but he had another blood test today and I’m hoping that this is the end. I think maybe I’m a little disappointed because I thought this time before Ash went back to work would be so wonderful; would be all about the baby and making little trips around town with him… but he’s been confined to his mechanical prison and I’ve not handled it all that well.

I went to the other side of town (I say that as if it were far) to get a copy of his birth certificate today. We had to fax it to the health insurance company so we don’t have to pay for his labs. He’s had 4 and each one – if we had to pay ourselves – is 118 bucks. Geez, they really rip you if you don’t have insurance eh? I should know that already, seeing as how we don’t have dental but we both go to the dentist twice a year. Hell, I had two teeth pulled sans coverage and that was not cheap, let me tell you.

I have nothing of importance to report on being a mom. I have fleeting thoughts of wisdom, brilliant ideas for the blog, and then I forget them, soon as they come they are gone. I should keep more post-it notes on me.

Please send help to the post-partum mom… and post-it notes… and chocolate ice cream.