New moms don’t get out much you know

Actually, I went out for about an hour each day since I have been home. My mom and I went to Target on Saturday, my office on Sunday, and Publix today. This is good since it won’t always be this way, especially when Ash goes back to work. He won’t go back until next Monday so we’ll have a lot of time to really acquaint ourselves with the new youngin’.

Our respective family members all left today so in the afternoon, Ash and I got this house cleaned up. Honestly, I’m recovering pretty quickly. Sure, my back hurts, my abs feel like jell-o, and I won’t even go into the nether-regions. But other than that, I still feel relatively like my old self.

I have so many things to talk about – things I’ve noticed about becoming a mom – but for now, here’s a bit of baby for you.