Humpday hijinx

I didn’t blog yesterday; this is due to numerous reasons. None of which I claim to be excuses. I’m not apologizing; no one is around to read this anyway. I notice that my numbers seem to trail off right before a semester begins. I guess we’re all just busy. I know I am. I am also exhausted. I’m talking seriously depleted of all available energy. Must find energon cubes… Ok, if you got that, I’ll really send you a cookie. No kidding.

Anyway, this carpal tunnel is a bitch. I awoke at 1 am with numb hands. And at 2. And at 3 and then from 3-4 I was awake but in a state of drifting off while sitting up, mindlessly shaking my hand sort of like my grandma used to do, because of her old tired muscles or something. The two middle fingers on my right hand would not stop buzzing and the dull ache radiated up my arm and stalled in my elbow where it engulfed the area in pain. Yes, my friend, pregnancy is really fun and I just keep telling myself that there MUST be a reason that women were the chosen sex for this task. We must somehow be more tolerant but yet, at 2 AM, I feel awfully weak.

But for the love of pete, we should really talk about something other than pregnancy for once! Alas, the things going on in my life are pretty boring. We could discuss my dog’s explosive vomit, or the semi-dorky LAN party we’re planning for Friday. Or my car’s oil change that made me happy. Or that I have hardcore cleaned my office and now it looks like I don’t actually do any work because there’s no evidence of work-related items. But it’s seriously organized up in here! I even have little tags for where things go. The girl who’ll be filling for me might be slightly freaked out by my OCD habits. Or she might appreciate the direction I’ve given her instead of feeling totally lost. I know I would.

I know it’s only Wednesday but I’m already planning for the weekend. Should we see Superbad or War?