Religious zealots and roosters

It’s the kind of stuff today that I used to pray for, for interesting blogging material. On my way to lunch, I first encountered the Jesus freaks on the corner of College and Monroe. One held a sign saying “Jesus’ law is perfect” and then it had some sort of command like “follow him or die” in smaller text. Today’s heat index being what it is, I wonder if this guy didn’t choose to suffer in the name of the Lord, you know, because that’ll get him into Heaven. I just don’t think I understand what compels people to stand out and wave at cars, trying to force their religious views on others. I’m not opposed to whatever they want to believe but why get all nutty about it? What good does it do anyone?

On my way back from lunch, I found myself driving behind a late 90’s model Buick with a cage in the trunk, bungee corded in. At first, I worried there was a dog in there; a poor little doggie dying in the stifling heat. As I got closer and noticed the quick jerky movements, I realized that the crate contained 5 roosters. It’s not like we live in a farming community or anything – this was totally random!

I had to run a quick errand outside and I momentarily got caught in the rain. What a welcome reprieve from the swelter! I miss feeling like that sometimes: carefree and just me. With the impending idea of complete and utter dependency from a small human, I don’t think I have felt like myself. And even that is so vague. “Felt like myself”. What does myself feel like? It varies day to day. I usually feel “like me” most days but there are times when I’m just on the outside, watching me work, watching me go through the mundane tasks like dusting and sweeping. Watching me interact with people, my husband. It’s difficult to explain but I just chalk it all up to pregnancy hormones.


Normally, during a break between semesters, I take walks around campus. There’s something very serene about the dorms all closed and quiet, devoid of freshmen doing laundry and carousing on the back steps with their cigarettes. I liked to walk to the Union and sometimes get a bagel or coffee. Some of the terrain is uphill and I’d get a good little workout. However, the summer is in full force right now and I just don’t think I even want to subject myself – or my baby – to those conditions. I’m not exactly keen on sweating within five minutes of stepping out of the cool comfort of my office.

Our last childbirth class was last night and it was intensely hands on in the labor and delivery room. It’s a bit ridiculous how much you can do with the bed positioning, the dimming of the lights, the fact that there’s a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom to ease the pain of contractions. I see how a woman could make it through their entire labor drug free; which is my plan and goal for the time being. In some ways, I kind of look forward to it in the same way you look ahead to a test you’ve been studying a long time for. I want to get it over with but I’m also confident going in. It’s like, “Let’s do this.”  Alas, roughly 40 more days. This weekend, I am going to figure out how to install the car seat base in my backseat. That’ll be one step closer. One of these weekends we have to pack our hospital bag. I kind of know what to put in but does anyone have any ideas, if you’ve done it, that is?

Ok, I’ve got to do something here or else I am going to lose my mind.