A change of scenery

Ok! Let’s talk about some other things instead of, well, you know.

In terms of stuff upcoming: my long-time friend, Steve, will be in his hometown of Orlando over the Christmas break. We’re planning on going to see him then. Steve has been living in Japan for the past 3 years and has since been promoted and married. He is having a sort of wedding reception during the holidays and I think we’d best go; after all, he flew in from halfway across the world for our wedding. I’m really looking forward to seeing him!

Also in December, it is highly likely that my brother in law is moving here from Ohio. This is good on many levels. One: he and my husband are really close and they’d have a lot of fun. Also, he is our son’s namesake and he’s pretty excited about the little one. And it will be nice to have some kin in the same city again. (My dad and sister both lived here for a year before) (more parenthesis! – To explain that last sentence, because I feel I must, my sister came here for college for a year and my dad needed a job desperately so he worked here M-Th and went home on weekends.) On the negative side, he’ll move in with us until he finds a place (which probably won’t take that long) and then we will have 4 humans and 4 dogs in our house. His pug is a tad on the obnoxious side, too.

And in recent news: I wanted to go to Subway for lunch. Normally, the one right near my house has lunch down pat. They have 3 high school age guys working the line and one other on the register. Even with a line you’re in and out. Well, I pulled in at 12:30 and saw that there was a pretty long line. Oh, and that it wasn’t moving. So I went home, ate a bowl of cereal and decided to go back by. Well, there was still a line and only 2 people working. Turns out that they had to fire a bunch of people and this one guy there had quit 3 months ago but they had to ask him back. He was in a perfectly foul mood and kept walking away to – assumedly – calm down before going postal on people. It was actually pretty creepy; I thought he was going to have a breakdown right there. I’m glad my sandwich came out ok.

So there. Three things not related to baby that are happening or will happen. See? I can think about normal people stuff… sometimes.

Yes, more baby talk

My weekend was, well, nothing to write home about. And yet, here I am blogging about it. Like MightyGirl says, no one cares what you had for lunch. But I know you care about my garage sale exploits and my loads of laundry and the billions of Transformers episodes I mindlessly sat through. Don’t you?

From our garage sale rummaging we came away with a game of Sorry!, a bagful of dinosaur figures, and this stroller which, if you look at the original price, was a damn good deal for only 30. It’s a bit beat up but hell, we’ll only be using it for walking and jogging anyway. We have a brand new one for mall trips and the like.

Ash wasn’t feeling very motivated yesterday so I perpetuated my good mood by vacuuming  and getting a pedicure and cooking dinner. I probably did too much but you know, sitting around on your ass while pregnant is not the best idea.

We have our last childbirth class tonight and it’s in Labor and Delivery. She’s going to show us how to mess with the beds and all kinds of stuff you don’t get on the regular tour. I’m glad my Monday nights will once again be free but we learned a ton of stuff during this 5 week course and I’m glad we did it. Now, I just need to find a pediatrician.

Ok, so no more babble about babies! I wish there was something else major going on in my life. Ok, my goal is to bullet 3 things that are important besides the impending birth. Check back soon!