Mid-week doldrums

It’s one of those days where I just can’t seem to get started. I was about 10 minutes late to work, ate my breakfast and drank some lemonade, then started on reading sites. Now my eyes burn and I’m already feeling tired. I suppose my problem is that I leave at 11:30 for a pot luck lunch so really, my day starts with that. Until then, I am left to bide my time.

I feel like I have no profound pregnancy wisdom to throw at you. I am coming into the final stretch and I can see why women  in their third trimester  are typically portrayed as lazy and  whiny: this belly is really beginning to become, well, cumbersome. I’m measuring right on schedule so it’s not disgustingly huge but the simple act of turning from my left side to my right side is a process in and of itself. It’s not painful, it’s just slow. I feel bulky. I look at myself in the mirror – my face, hair, shoes – then note that no matter what, my midsection is going to look this way. I just say to myself, as I turn off the light and leave the mirror, “I’m pregnant, what can I do?”

I go back and forth between feeling like myself – my normal, non-pregnant self – and having the constant worry of impending motherhood on my mind. Some days all I can think about is how I will soon be caring for a small human who cannot fend for itself and how he will need me almost 24/7. I don’t think anyone really understands that until they have kids. We all get our alone time and probably appreciate it far less than we should. However, I don’t want to get down about that because, as I have said before, I am sure that the pros will far outweigh the cons when I’m looking down at my little child – my son – in his crib, peaceful, small, delicate, and resembling me and his father. How wonderful will that be?