Because I am made of awesome


You scored 12% Slytherin, 28% Ravenclaw, 52% Gryffindor, and 32% Hufflepuff!

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart.

Gryffindors are known for their courage, audacity, and devotion to what is good and honest.

Link: The Sorting Hat Test written by leeannslytherin on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Me Grimlock no like you

Ok so, amidst all the stuff we managed to do this weekend, I am only about 100 pages away from finishing HP. It has never taken me this long to finish one of her books but I guess I am just ridiculously busy!

On Saturday, we rose at our normal weekly time (6:15) to meet up with some friends to go garage saling. We kept meaning to do this – talked about it all the time – but never had the impetus. Well, I’d say we did pretty well. The very first house we hit had a ton of Transformers, none of which Ash purchased but I found a second generation (Grimlock) for 50 cents and had to get him. He is by far my favorite. As we drove through the areas of Killearn (the uppity sort of places) we found various items like underwater creature figurines, a pumpkin costume (!!), another baby gate for only 2 bucks, and some random baby things. The very last place we hit happened to be two moms who were getting rid of all their baby stuff. Jackpot! We got a high chair, baby bath, and a bag full of clothes that was only 5 bucks. Sure, I wish, like most moms, that I could buy my son everything new and cute and Gap… but hand me downs work just as well for a kid who will a.) outgrow them in 3 months and b.) puke/crap/spill food all over them.

After the hours of thirfty shopping, we went to Cracker Barrel and after all that, I was exhausted. One thing I am noticing as I’m coming into the final weeks of pregnancy, is that I wear out a lot quicker. Sigh. SO I napped, for a couple hours. Then I cleaned, for a couple hours. Then Ash went out to play video games with some people and I just stayed home to read in my new nursery chair.

This is the last week of summer session and – honestly – I am ready to be rid of my students. I really liked them at first but somewhere along the way they got cocky; they started to feel comfortable with campus and their social status and then they turned into little monsters.

And now, I am going to get myself in order, hope that today is the last day I’ll use this back up computer, and then get something to drink. Oh, and THEN I will do some work. How was everyone’s weekend?

Harry Potter Day

9:03 AM – am on page 193. Since it’s – so far – pretty slow in the office, I plan to make great strides in completing this book today. I could. normally, breeze through it in a day but with work and all its distractions, I haven’t made much progress.

I have yet to see sunlight this morning. The storms are alll to the south of us but it’s still cloudy and sleep-inducing. I could lie my head down right now…zzzZZZzzz…

I picked up Krispy Kreme for the English office this morning. It’s been a long, busy week and thought itmight be kind of nice. I was kinda miffed though when I found that they no longer carry the devil’s food donuts. Those were some kinda wonderful and now, now… oh, whatever will I do? Wait, I eat donuts maybe twice a year at best. I guess itdoesn’t really matter.

More book progress soon…

ETA: 1:20 pm – p. 231

2:31pm – p. 285( I keep getting interrupted!)

4:24 pm – p. 317

I don’t know why I can’t seem to get through this book! I guess reading at work is not the best place.


So today sucks… my office computer has died and I am without my normal programs, my files, the things I work with day in and day out. And of course – as luck would have it – our tech guy is on vacation. I have spoken with him, however, and I’m currently using this back up machine. It’s not the same, of course, but it will do in the meantime. He won’t be back until Tuesday so it’s only a few torturous days.

Who knew Thursday would start off so crappy? Add onto it a blight of pregnancy – a terrible zit right on the corner of my mouth. I have been relatively free of those sort of hormonal insanities. Oh yeah and somehow I have this nasty sort of gash back in the corner of my mouth where my back teeth meet. I thought it was tooth related at first but there isn’t a tooth there! At least not on the bottom where it hurts; that one was pulled some time ago. So yeah, I am quite cranky today. I could really use some pudding, or ice cream or coffee. Urg.

Ok people, I need some encouragement to feel better. Any ideas?

55 Days and counting

Yes, that’s 55 days until my “estimated” due date. Scary huh? I think we need to start getting my hospital bag stuff together. Childbirth class last night sort of made me realize this. Also, we did a really cool exercise in which we simulated labor, mostly the first stage when contractions are bad and getting worse. We rotated “stations” for different positions you can get into to ease the pain. To recreate the supposed pain of contractions, each woman held a baggie full of ice cubes and as the contraction escalated, we had to squeeze the ice and then concentrate on our breathing to work through it. I found it interesting that as we went along and the instructor simulated different types – harder contractions with two peaks – the ice got easier to handle because it had begun to melt but the actual position was harder because we’d been on the floor so much, etc. So starting out was easy, physically, but the ice was colder. I found this to be a pretty fun and informative way to practice for labor, even though when she explained it, we all sort of rolled our eyes at these silly things we’d do in front of the rest of class. Believe it or not, I think everyone took it pretty seriously once we were all doing it – the breathing, the ice bag squeezing – with our husbands cheering us on, calming us down. Honestly, it’s gotta be pretty hard if you don’t have any kind of labor coach. I don’t think I could do it on my own.

Today has begun much better than yesterday, which was downright awful for the majority of the day until I got home. In fact, it got exceedingly good when I got home because my husband had bought me the new Harry Potter as a surprise. Sweet; I was going to wait to buy it since I have a lot of expenses right now but hey, this is even better.

With that said, I do believe I’ll start on it right now. :)


You know how you rediscover an old song you liked eons ago and then play it over and over? Yeah, my current is Madonna – Crazy For You. I somehow keep linking it – mentally – with her video for The Power of Goodbye, because Goran Visnjic was in that one and they’ve been playing that craptacular Elektra movie on TV lately, which I have only watched to catch a glimpse of him. Man, does that movie blow or what? It’s worse than I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but that’s not saying much because that movie was awful! Ok ok, I laughed at a few moments: namely anything involving Ving Rhames and I’m Every Woman, but in case you actually plan to spend money on this garbage, I won’t ruin it for you.

The weekend has been semi low key. We’ve been keeping up that 2 mile walk, which is good for baby and body but becoming increasingly harder as my stomach keeps ballooning, putting pressure on my feet and crushing my lungs each and every day. Being a pregnant asthmatic is crappy like that I guess.

Ash was watching that new VH1 show – Rock of Love – last night and unfortunately, it was the last thing I saw before drifting off to sleep. So what did I dream about? Well, it was two-fold. The first dream involved us living next door to Bret Michaels (I was really into him back in the 90’s; he was dreamy;)) and since we were neighbours, in the dream my logic was that I didn’t have to go on that show because he already liked me. (Don’t ask, dreams are weird). In part two of said odd dream, I was a contestant on this show, vying for his “love” with all those blond imitation women and by the second round, I was eliminated for having dark hair. Maybe somewhere in my subconscious I want to be blond? Highly unlikely. Dreams are so unexplainable sometimes.

Anyway, we’re meeting some friends for dinner at our new substitute Mexican joint – El Jalisco #5 – in lieu of the now closed El Chico. I wish they’d just pay their property taxes and reopen but that’s probably never going to happen. Happy Sunday, everyone.

Fairest of the seasons

Two o’clock already? Where does the day go? Actually, I’m not complaining about this. No, the sooner we get to midnight, which is when my paycheck deposits itself right into my little bank account, the better. Even if I am sleeping at the time, I’ll do a dance; the happy dance of fat summer paychecks.

Speaking of summer, I really do like this season, regardless of the heat. I guess maybe I have lived in Florida all too long and have adapted the way our ancestors did. I no longer feel the strain of the heat and shuffle into the closest shaded corner, cursing the blinding rays of the sun. Perhaps it was the three summers in a row I schlepped myself to and from school and work in an air conditionless car whose front windows didn’t roll down. Mind over matter and in this case, I don’t mind the swelter.

Further musings about summer: in the evenings, even though the mosquitoes swarm and find my calves extra tasty, I stay out on the deck and look for the fireflies. I’ll see one, two, three and four, then none. I make a deal with myself: I’ll go inside the next time I see one. Then I will and say to myself, “Just one more, and then inside.”

Eventually, the heat will only annoy me in that I grow tired of the same ol’, and I will beg for Fall and Winter, which then, by mid-February, find me desiring those mid-April days when the temperature is just right and I can sit outside without giving one thought to the heat or the cold. I look forward to November, though, when the heat has broken and I can enjoy mornings on the deck with toast and tea and baby Elliot. Just me, the baby, and the morning birds.

What do you like about summer?

Of humps and bumps

I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday but there’s still minimal work to be done, which leads to lots of second hand watching and net browsing and emailing. And also, it brings me to think about the pregnancy, which is – of course – the biggest thing on my mind.

The latest thing I have noticed is that this belly is really starting to get in the way. I experience yesterday, for the first time, the inability to actually tie my shoe. WTF, m8? I had to hike my leg up to a similar level and then attempt to bend forward and tie those things around my semi-swollen feet. Actually, I have been fairly lucky as to not swell up. I attribute this mainly to the enormous amounts of water I ingest in a day (we’re talking liters here, I think) and the exercise I get.

Also, the belly is similar to a new car where you haven’t fully learned where your bumpers are. I’m still sort of amazed when I open the fridge and it brushes against my belly and I think, why the hell didn’t I realize there wasn’t enough clearance? I’m just not used to this big ass thing out there.

But let’s talk something unrelated to pregnancy, birthing, and babies, shall we? Would you want to stay at this hotel? It would be…interesting, at best. I’d much rather stay in this one because it’s well, way cooler.

Anyway, I am going to head out to lunch; it’s early but I have a lot to do in the afternoon and some errands to run during lunch, like to buy foaming pipe snake for our now-clogged kitchen sink; ugh.

Tuesday in the Twilight Zone

Today has just felt weird.

  • I passed a kid eating a block of ramen noodles like a candy bar
  • I napped for 20 minutes at lunch then again at 3:30 – out of random sheer exhaustion
  • My phone hasn’t rung all day
  • It rained for – I swear – 3 seconds then stopped entirely
  • I have gotten more than 30 hits from people searching for street fighter characters
  • That’s it; I guess today’s not that weird afterall.