Cheese with your whine?

I am not in a pleasant mood right now. Blame it on incoherency on the part of others and the simple lack of decency to tell people things. Oh and I want ice cream. The sweets cravings have sort of tapered off in this third trimester but after Mexican food, ice cream always sounds good.

On a more positive note, not a single person called me in the almost 3 hours I was away from my desk. This is a good sign. Four hours until class starts and in that time, I have no idea what I am going to do. I really need a nap. Pregnancy + poor sleeping due to pregnancy is just sucking my will to live… some days. Other days I feel fine and dandy, ready to push on through any task. Maybe it’s just Friday at the end of a pretty busy week. Maybe it’s my bad mood. Maybe I just want to go home!

More chicken babble

After today’s class, I’ll be one week down with five to go. Not too bad, considering that next week we have Wednesday off. Then the week after that I’ll have conferences and the week after that we have conferences (which cancel two days a week). Plus, when my sister comes up on the 13th, I’ll probably move that Friday’s lesson to Thursday and leave mid-day so she and I can go shopping. Wow, I’ll be 31 weeks by then. How crazy. Time really does fly by. It’s almost eerie.

My doctor’s appointment is at 10:30 so I’ll be leaving the office soon. We have a bunch of questions for the doctor today but I always feel so awkward asking them. It’s not that she makes me feel uncomfortable and I am sure she’s heard them all before but I still feel weird about asking if Ash can “catch” the baby (he read about it being possible in one of our books) or if the hospital robes are really that bad and should I buy my own? All the books say you’re best wearing your own robe to feel comfortable, to nurse, etc. I don’t own a bathrobe so this poses a problem.

I’ve developed a headache and I’m not sure if it’s from food or lack thereof. I could still go for some fried chicken today. With mashed potatoes and cole slaw, corn on the cob and buttermilk biscuits. Yeah, that sounds amazing.