3d – 1

3d – 1, originally uploaded by Allstarme.

Here’s one of little Elliot’s 3d/4d pics. He did pretty good but wouldn’t turn enough to show us his other eye. He has his head wedged down into the right side of my pelvis – and his feet up near my ribs on the left – so at least he’s sort of turned downward. Oh and that’s his little placenta pillow on the left there. He looks like he likes to snuggle. I think he’s gonna be cute!


I am a horrible blogger! Did I have some crazy party filled weekend that kept me at bay from the computer? No. Did we travel to far away places without internet access? No. But I was just… busy. I know, it’s lame. There’s no excuse, really. And besides, yesterday was the first day of the big summer classes and I also teach a section; I was never – not for one second – able to stop, think, and compose anything of substance.

My class seems awesome! But that’s the thing about summer courses. These kids aren’t jaded yet. They haven’t yet realized how shitty College Algebra is and how crappy the parking is, and how when they party on a Tuesday and stumble blindly back to their dorm, they don’t wake up for their 8 AM class and when they fail, they didn’t even realize it was happening. But for now, they are eager faces, full of aspirations and hope and they are polite and they suck up a lot! It’s a god-send that I only got 17 kids. Seriously, if you believe in fate or whatever, it is that entity that saw to it my class didn’t fill to 25 because – geez-us! – my July is gonna be damn busy. But for now, I’m loving’ my students. Rock on, little fresh meat.

At noon today, we have our 3d ultrasound. I’ll be sure to post pics: they give us a CD with them on there. I’m looking forward to it but I’m feeling sort of superstitious about saying anything; he has to move around a lot and for some reason, I’m afraid he won’t.

I’ll be glad when my mother gets home from Italy tomorrow. My sister whines to me about how there’s no food in the house and my dad reverts back to a college bachelor when she’s not around. He ate all the leftovers and then claimed they had food in the house with a can of beans or something. There was no fruit or milk or anything. I guess my mom holds that house together more than I realized. Besides, I talked to her almost every day before she went on this trip so she’s missed a lot of stuff. She hasn’t even seen the nursery pics yet! But my first baby shower is in about 3 weeks so she’ll be up.

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Not a whole lot and yet, it seems like a ton to me. Sometimes our lives are like that; not everything can be blog-worthy every day, you know?