never a dull moment

Happy belated Father’s Day to any dads out there. I bought Ash a book, specifically this book, and some Haribo gummi bears; his favorite. We did a bit of shopping – put some stuff on our Toys R Us registry – and that’s about it for the holiday. But our weekend mostly consisted of the day trip we took on Saturday.

Let me backtrack and get some of my random thoughts in first: We saw a Delorian Friday night in the Best Buy parking lot. I want one and I would so rig a replica flux capacitor. We rented “Happily N’ever After”, which no one should ever have to be subjected to. My mom is in Italy until the 27th but she has yet to notify anyone that she has actually reached Rome. My family is full of worriers so everyone is in a tizzy. Hopefully she’s walking the streets of Rome and eating at little cafes, buying leather products. The NBA finals were lame this year. My sister is a new Manager in Training and she has to fire someone today; sucky. Tomorrow night is our Women’s Pavilion tour, when I get to see where I’ll be giving birth. Work is about to get real hectic by next week.

OK, now, onto Saturday. The drive to Jax is pretty reasonable, only about 2.5 hours and straight the whole way. Our plan was to visit both Baby Depot and Babies R Us, for you see, Tallahassee, has nothing, nada, zilch, in the way of good baby stores. We found Babies R Us relatively quickly and immediately, I knew, we would go nowhere else. That place is like a playground of magic for expecting moms. If they merged Toys R Us and Babies R Us into one gigantic store, I could shop forever. We found our crib – the one that called to us – and a matching changing table. But then reality set in and we remembered you have to buy a mattress and a pad and a changing table pad and cover, and then I also found my crib bedding so put it all together and you’re spending a lot of money. Which was expected of course.

The high of finally getting this furniture wore off the second we pulled around back and realized that the crib box was not going to fit in my Element. The changing table came fully assembled so its box was big and bulky, not flat. What a mess this turned into. The loading guys were clueless and I was terribly distraught that we hit a snag. Ash kept asking what we should do, and honestly, since I had no answer, I said, “I don’t know.” This made him all mad like I was going against him. If I didn’t know what to do, he said I shouldn’t have said anything. Well, it was better than saying nothing as he kept asking me what to do! Had a minor breakdown on the way to Home Depot to buy rope to secure said crib box to roof of car. Oh, and Jacksonville traffic sucks gigantic nuts.

Finally got back and began rigging the thing to the top of my CONVEX roof,  which made the whole ordeal one big fiasco. We drove down one way looking for food once the box was up there, me worrying the entire time. I mean, seriously worried. In fact, I was so freaked out that I even scared myself. I don’t normally spaz out THAT much. I learned a lot about myself that day. Drove back the other direction and realized that the box was moving too much. Stopped at a gas station and rigged rope the other direction as well (so it was wrapped sideways through the car and held secure by the doors, then front to back tied onto metal under the frame).

With the box firmly in place now, we had to eat – we were seriously starving – so we stopped at some place called Buffaloes Southwest cafe. Pretty mediocre but at that point, I was almost about to eat at Taco Bell. And that’s bad. Well, luckily, we got back on the road and the thing really didn’t move much at all, even at 75. We stopped for gas in Lake City and by this time, I was calmed down, even in a good mood. I realized, though, that all that stress had a truly negative effect on my body. I was tense and feeling all over general pain. Not good for the baby! Ash and I split a Frosty from Wendys and celebrated our accomplishment, even if it involved some hang-ups along the way.

But now, you can go click on my flickr link and check out the budding nursery. I love that room and I’m thrilled that the bedding matches the wall color very well. After my baby showers, it will really start to come together – woo hoo! Now all we need is a rocking chair.