We like adjectives/This entry is nothing but a bitchfest

Blah. Angry. Sad. Frustrated. Anxious. Annoyed. Tired. Beat down. Exasperated. Hungry. Downtrodden.

Ok, so now you know how I feel today, how about you?

I don’t know why but I woke up feeling annoyed that I had to do anything, like make breakfast or get the clothes from the dryer. It just sent me into a terrible mood. I don’t feel like working. I don’t look forward to the lunch I packed, which is a salad – blech – and I don’t want to do the errands I have to do at lunch and after. I don’t want to have to spend money on the following necessary items: shampoo, conditioner, chapstick, heartworm medicine, lotion, and of course, groceries. I don’t want to have to worry about money. And I won’t, come July 5th when summer paychecks start rolling in. Until then, it is my natural instinct to let the ginormous fear of running out of money – which will not happen – overrun my mind and make me a cranky person.

I could use some coffee but it just makes me feel guilty for giving it to the baby, even though experts say that pregnant women can safely ingest up to 300 mg of coffee a day. If you check out the Caffeine Database, a latte is actually a lot less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Weird, right?  I don’t know; I think I’m trying to overcompensate with food/drink for the bad mood I am in. Maybe I just want someone to tell me not to worry and do what makes me happy.

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me whine like a little baby so I’m going to do some work now. Maybe.