Mourning the loss

Ok, I know it’s not something I should really be sad about but my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Chico, has closed. Luckily, we went on Saturday and got one last chance to partake in their delicious entrees. Honestly, they had the best salsa, the best rice by far, and these awesome spinach enchiladas. I shed a tear for the passing of a Tallahassee legacy.

::moment of silence::

Record breakers and laziness

Ash finally returned after nearly two weeks of business trips on Friday evening. I took him to get his haircut, we did some grocery shopping, and then we just hung out. That is always kind of nice.

On Saturday, we got up kind of early with plans in mind to see a movie at 11. The movies before noon are only four dollars but you have to deal with the freaks. The kind of people who go to A.M. movies are a different breed, I swear it. Between the large families who bring their own cups, drinks, and snacks (you can hear soda cans opening throughout the show) and the old people who think they’re in their own living room, it may not be worth it to save $3.75. Now, you’d think older people would understand movie theater courtesy, as they’ve had the opportunity to see movies a lot longer than the young people. But no, they talk to each other, and figure out key plot moments, etc. So rude.

(BTW, we saw Ocean’s 13 and really, it was just so-so.)

In terms of personal movie records, I can say that I spent an entire day watching the Back to the Future trilogy, all in a row. I saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace eight times in the theater. But never have I seen two movies in the theater in one day. Until Saturday. Later that night, we went to a 10 PM showing of Knocked Up. I was pretty impressed with this film; they don’t make movies like that anymore. It was the kind of movie where you can tell the writers actually put thought into it. The story ran the gamut of emotion but had a healthy dose of comedy. I highly recommend this film to anyone looking for a summer movie.

I usually get the Sunday blues but yesterday was worse than normal. I was unmotivated, I slept in, didn’t shower until 1 PM. These are all things I hardly ever do! I took a nap in the afternoon and fell asleep early. I guess I just needed to sleep. I blame the baby. Oh, and speaking of baby, when we were walking Saturday night, I was going  down a semi-steep hill and my right ankle twisted, forcing me to fall. Luckily, I stuck my left leg into this weird twisting position so the outside of my calf hit the ground first, protecting my belly from impact. I didn’t fall far, or hard, but I scraped my leg up pretty good. You lose your balance when you’re pregnant; I hope it comes back though.

Today holds promise for lots of boring must-do things and hopefully, it will go by quickly. I’m off to unlock some doors and file some papers.