Cheese with your whine?

I am not in a pleasant mood right now. Blame it on incoherency on the part of others and the simple lack of decency to tell people things. Oh and I want ice cream. The sweets cravings have sort of tapered off in this third trimester but after Mexican food, ice cream always sounds good.

On a more positive note, not a single person called me in the almost 3 hours I was away from my desk. This is a good sign. Four hours until class starts and in that time, I have no idea what I am going to do. I really need a nap. Pregnancy + poor sleeping due to pregnancy is just sucking my will to live… some days. Other days I feel fine and dandy, ready to push on through any task. Maybe it’s just Friday at the end of a pretty busy week. Maybe it’s my bad mood. Maybe I just want to go home!

More chicken babble

After today’s class, I’ll be one week down with five to go. Not too bad, considering that next week we have Wednesday off. Then the week after that I’ll have conferences and the week after that we have conferences (which cancel two days a week). Plus, when my sister comes up on the 13th, I’ll probably move that Friday’s lesson to Thursday and leave mid-day so she and I can go shopping. Wow, I’ll be 31 weeks by then. How crazy. Time really does fly by. It’s almost eerie.

My doctor’s appointment is at 10:30 so I’ll be leaving the office soon. We have a bunch of questions for the doctor today but I always feel so awkward asking them. It’s not that she makes me feel uncomfortable and I am sure she’s heard them all before but I still feel weird about asking if Ash can “catch” the baby (he read about it being possible in one of our books) or if the hospital robes are really that bad and should I buy my own? All the books say you’re best wearing your own robe to feel comfortable, to nurse, etc. I don’t own a bathrobe so this poses a problem.

I’ve developed a headache and I’m not sure if it’s from food or lack thereof. I could still go for some fried chicken today. With mashed potatoes and cole slaw, corn on the cob and buttermilk biscuits. Yeah, that sounds amazing.

Crispy or original?

Can’t seem to get going today. Almost 11 and I can’t say I have accomplished much. In fact, I have: walked some paperwork up to the main office and posted a small sign on the copier. And that’s IT. Ok ok, I sent a few emails. But other than that, I’m a total slacker. All I can think about is how a good cup of coffee would give me the jolt I need to concentrate and organize my thoughts. And how much I want to eat fried chicken. ugh.

Haven’t really had any cravings lately – at all –  but for lunch, I’d really like something hot and heavy – LOL, not like that, people. Get your heads out of the gutter already. I could go for fried chicken or a big hamburger and fries or maybe a gyro or some pasta. Yeah, can you tell I’m actually hungry today? Most days, lately, I’ve been just sort of meh about food. Take it or leave it. But baby’s gotta eat.

Nothing interesting has happened to me lately. I haven’t had any run-ins with strange and fascinating people or seen something cool like a shooting star or a weird flower. Nothing remotely titillating to report to you all. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough or closely enough. Maybe all this pregnancy stuff has taken over regular brain functions and I’ve gone into baby overdrive. I should probably slow down and take some time to look around me, to watch nature, to be still. Maybe then I could see…

Third trimester woes

For all the symptoms I don’t  have, I get one pretty badly. The newest being nighttime leg cramps. They’re so horrific, in fact, that I was awakened by the pain in the middle of the night. I was turning over, still in that fog of sleep, when my right calf muscle seized up and even caused me to shout out, thereby waking Ash. In his sleep he says, “you sure are vocal about pain.” Ha! I’m not usually… at all. So it’s weird that I would wake up yelling. But seriously, this pain is intense. When I woke up this morning, it hurt to put any pressure on my right leg at all but I knew I had to walk it out. By 7 or so, it had eased up but about an hour ago, it began aching again. Sort of a dull ache and stronger when I flex or point my toes.

I have manged to become afflicted with the pregnancy symptoms that have no explanation. No one knows why pregnant women have leg cramps or why the sciatic nerve is so affected during this time. How wonderfully perfect; no good gosh darn reason for my pain and therefore, no allowances for complaints because it simply isn’t justified.  Damn.

Sometimes when I say “I’m 28 weeks” to people, it hits me that I’m really not very far away. Ash says that at 30 weeks, it’s going to seem really close. 30 weeks will be here before you know it. 35 weeks, check. Labor, check. And there I am, holding little Elly in my arms and I have a world of pacifiers and diapers and onesies all in front of me.

Well, I have half an hour before my class so I am going to prepare what I’ll be saying to the youngins today.

3d – 1

3d – 1, originally uploaded by Allstarme.

Here’s one of little Elliot’s 3d/4d pics. He did pretty good but wouldn’t turn enough to show us his other eye. He has his head wedged down into the right side of my pelvis – and his feet up near my ribs on the left – so at least he’s sort of turned downward. Oh and that’s his little placenta pillow on the left there. He looks like he likes to snuggle. I think he’s gonna be cute!


I am a horrible blogger! Did I have some crazy party filled weekend that kept me at bay from the computer? No. Did we travel to far away places without internet access? No. But I was just… busy. I know, it’s lame. There’s no excuse, really. And besides, yesterday was the first day of the big summer classes and I also teach a section; I was never – not for one second – able to stop, think, and compose anything of substance.

My class seems awesome! But that’s the thing about summer courses. These kids aren’t jaded yet. They haven’t yet realized how shitty College Algebra is and how crappy the parking is, and how when they party on a Tuesday and stumble blindly back to their dorm, they don’t wake up for their 8 AM class and when they fail, they didn’t even realize it was happening. But for now, they are eager faces, full of aspirations and hope and they are polite and they suck up a lot! It’s a god-send that I only got 17 kids. Seriously, if you believe in fate or whatever, it is that entity that saw to it my class didn’t fill to 25 because – geez-us! – my July is gonna be damn busy. But for now, I’m loving’ my students. Rock on, little fresh meat.

At noon today, we have our 3d ultrasound. I’ll be sure to post pics: they give us a CD with them on there. I’m looking forward to it but I’m feeling sort of superstitious about saying anything; he has to move around a lot and for some reason, I’m afraid he won’t.

I’ll be glad when my mother gets home from Italy tomorrow. My sister whines to me about how there’s no food in the house and my dad reverts back to a college bachelor when she’s not around. He ate all the leftovers and then claimed they had food in the house with a can of beans or something. There was no fruit or milk or anything. I guess my mom holds that house together more than I realized. Besides, I talked to her almost every day before she went on this trip so she’s missed a lot of stuff. She hasn’t even seen the nursery pics yet! But my first baby shower is in about 3 weeks so she’ll be up.

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Not a whole lot and yet, it seems like a ton to me. Sometimes our lives are like that; not everything can be blog-worthy every day, you know?

Weekend approaches

My baby feels like he’s struggling in there, trying to break free. I feel pokes and prods in all different directions, as if he’s already flailing each limb independently like most 3-4 month olds seem to do. It’s ok, little buddy, you’re safe in there.

I worked for my lunch today: my friend and I walked about 5 blocks uphill to a little eatery, where I so healthfully chose a chicken salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato and I drank water. Good for me! As much as pregnancy makes you want to splurge on anything and everything unhealthy, you (or I) feel ten times better when I eat this way. Now, to make a good decision about dinner. Who knows?

Plans for the weekend include yoga and the dog park. Riveting, I know. How about yours?

Eye candy

I somehow have managed to save a lot of random pictures on my work computer throughout my last 10 months here. I find quirky things but I also edit and upload some personal photos as well. I thought it might be fun to post some cool ones, for your entertainment, of course


Why I feel like someone kicked my ass

“The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, providing sensory and motor function to the lower extremities. This nerve provides sensation to the back of the thigh, lower part of the leg and the sole of the foot. Sciatic nerve pain is a periodic severe pain that occurs throughout your legs.

What causes sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy?

The sciatic nerve runs under your uterus to your legs. The cause of sciatic nerve pain is thought to be associated with pressure on the nerve caused by the developing baby.

What can I do to treat sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy?

The simplest remedy is to lie on your side, opposite of the pain. This may help relieve the pressure on the nerve. Avoid heavy lifting and minimize standing for long periods of time. If you experience pressure while standing, try elevating one foot and resting it on something. Swimming may also ease discomfort.”

( from

So that’s pretty much how I’m feeling today. It wasn’t hurting so much yesterday but we walked and I aggravated it. But I have to keep exercising; it’s too important. I did feel better while I had the heating pad on. But about 10 minutes later, it still hurt. I slept like crap, not able to feel comfortable on either side. I’m wearing this well-patch backache thigny today but it’s all menthol smelly. It is working… slightly. I really need one of those hot pad things with the stones in it. I wonder if they’re safe for pregnant women… I guess I could call the doctor.

In other news, I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. Wednesday was hectic as all hell and I didn’t even take lunch. But I did leave an hour early instead. Since the next summer session starts Monday, there’s people all over campus and it’s coming down to the wire here. I’m about to be busier than ever starting Monday but I’ll still blog; at least I’ll try. There’s always time for blogging!