The case of the disappearing blog readers

Low hits the past few days; seems like everyone’s pretty busy lately. I guess I have been too. Work has picked up a bit and I’ve been making sure all my loose ends are tied here and there. Pregnancy brain makes it harder to stay on the ball so I have become master of lists. I have sticky notes all over my desk!

Within the next couple weeks, Ash has some conferences he’ll be going to and my mom might be coming up while he’s gone. That’ll be good. Although, the one thing we really do when she’s here is shop but I won’t have a whole lot of expendable income. Sigh. I guess window shopping will have to do.

I’m sorry have no deep insight for you today or witty comments on the world around me. This point in the pregnancy is business as usual. He kicks a lot but that’s about it. I was getting pretty bad heartburn there for a bit – TUMS quickly becoming my best friend – but it’s tapering off, only to surely resurface in the 3rd trimester when the little beast is pressing up on ALL my internal organs to the point where my lungs can barely expand and my stomach shrinks to the size of an orange. Something to look forward to, right? Groan. My next doctor appointment is in a few weeks and I think it’s going to be one of those in and out deals. Weight, blood pressure, pee in cup, listen to heartbeat and send you on your merry way.

Well, I have some *actual* work to be doing so I’m out. Come on guys, share what you’ve been up to, if you haven’t been browsing the net!