A night-time entry

For one brief day, it was beautiful out. As in, it was only 80 today as opposed to last week’s highs in the 90s. Tonight, our low is 49. That’s amazing for the beginning of May in Tallahassee. I guess you can attribute it to the drought we’re having, which isn’t a good thing except the low humidity allows for cooler temperatures.

Ash is still feeling out of sorts so I made him tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner while I ordered Chinese. I probably eat Chinese/Japanese maybe 3-4 times a year, tops. So it was a special treat to have chicken and broccoli and pork fried rice. I’m pretty thirsty though now, which is one downfall of that food.

I took a bath so I could get some quality reading time in. I’ve moved on to Diamonds are Forever and it’s pretty good. I don’t remember this movie very well and those Starz channels that keep playing the Bond movies in heavy rotation seem to omit this one in lieu of Dr. No, over and over again. Granted, that one’s pretty good but still, change it up a bit will ya?

Although it’s only 9:45, I feel like getting into bed and watching tv. It’s too bad I don’t have the impetus to do something productive but growing another human inside me is a pretty tough task, you know?

Monday Monday la la la la la la

So, not only did the guy from FSU’s department of Environmental Health and Saftey – THE place to go if you are an employee with an uncomfortable working condition – not reply to my emails, but the reported “steam outage” that was supposed to be fixed by today has not been. SO, it is still 60 degrees in my office and I am boiling with the rage of a thousand angry Godzillas, ready to trample a city, or at least their offices in Carothers Hall. You here Mr. K? I’m comin’ for ya. You won’t know when; ‘ Better watch your back, even in the shower, eatin’ at picnics…’  Your ass is mine.

Ok, end of Monday morning after night of bad sleep rage. The weekend was relatively non-eventful. We went around to baby stores on Saturday but we really didn’t find anything all that great. Finding the perfect crib is starting to be the unaccomplishable task. The problem: all the styles we like don’t come in white. White cribs tend to be cheaper- looking. Well, they will go with our decor and I know they have to exist somewhere. I fear that we will end up purchasing from the internet, as much as we wanted to be able to touch the model beforehand.

On Sunday, Ash started to feel sick. There’s nothing like a whiny husband on the verge of illness to make a pregnant woman in the early stages of nesting get a ton of stuff done. I cleaned and grocery shopped and made other trips for Dayquil and fruit. When I finally collapsed, I slept like the dead – for two hours. Then I awoke with my entire right side numb and cramping. Get up, pee, switch sides. Wake up one hour later, entire left side numb and legs cramping. Left side is supposed to alleviate this problem. Wake up and shift sides again, only to fall asleep propped on my back/side and wake up two hours later, cramping in my thighs. When the alarm went off, I felt like I’d been run down by a steam-roller – tired, headachey, looming pains from the leg cramps, and an overall sense of shittiness. Welcome to week 21 of pregnancy!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go outside and defrost my little icicle fingers.