Sweet tooth

Guess what I have? Mentos! The fruity kind. When I was a kid, I didn’t over-do it on candy. I liked it, sure, like most kids and I know I ate like a pig when it came time for Halloween. In middle school, it became almost fashionable to eat two kinds of candy: Airheads and Jolly Ranchers. I was never too keen on hard candy but I sucked endlessly on Watermelon ranchers until I got that raw spot on the inside of my cheek that only a good hard piece of solidified sugar can create.

I stole an Airhead once. In the 8th grade, I was hanging out with this boy I was madly in love with, Tony Long, and we rode our bikes to Walgreens all the time. One time he convinced me to shove candy in my pockets and walk out. Let me tell you, I didn’t even eat it because I felt too guilty for stealing. And you know those Catholics and guilt, boy.

As an undergrad, I used to drive out to Bradley’s Country Store to buy the old fashioned candy that you don’t see in the grocery stores.  It was like being a little kid again. I also got an IBC rootbeer each time to go with the sweet confections.

So, your turn. What’s your favorite candy and why?


Unusually busy

Yes, you heard me; I’m actually getting stuff done today. I had to call Sallie Mae (the bastards) and get the address so I can send off my final payment to them. Ok, so it’s the entire loan amount but I am getting rid of that thing no matter what. And can you believe the guy asked me why I wanted to pay off my loan? Because I don’t want to have debt! He says they want to make sure I’m not unhappy with the service. Of course I am unhappy: I have debt and those companies ruin your credit for years on end! What a moron.

I also have added my unborn child to another childcare service waiting list and am waiting to hear back from the other one; these are both for State Employees. I know it seems early to start this process but from what the one woman said, he may not even make it by January. Sick. It’s a working world these days and not everyone can just stay home with their children, as much as we’d all like to. Ok, maybe some people wouldn’t want to stay home all day with screaming messy kids. I really sound like I want kids, don’t I? I’m only joking of course.

My doctor’s appointment is at 2:30 so I brought lunch. I’m leaving and not coming back this afternoon. I’m hoping it’s a quick in and out appointment but I do have some questions for my doctor. I sort of doubt her a in a lot of ways because she doesn’t have the, um, best bedside manner. She always seems in a hurry but then the last time, she was actually warm and friendly. I don’t know; the chances of her actually delivering my baby are slim so I can only hope.  We’ll see how she answers my questions that include topics like, why induction at 41 weeks and her take on circumcision. I think I’ve made my mind up on the latter one but we’ll see what she thinks, as a mother of a son.

I’m off to organize some things in my office. I feel like I’ve had caffeine but I haven’t!

Mid-afternoon list

Things I need/want to do before baby comes:

  • use gift certificate for one night’s stay at McFarlin House, where we had our wedding reception. (It includes champagne, strawberries and chocolate, a stay in the King’s View room, and a romantic dinner.
  • Watch movies. Ash and I rarely go to the movies anymore – he claims I never want to – but I know that once there’s a baby, we probably won’t get out much at all.
  • Take time to appreciate sleep
  • Secure some sort of part-time online writing job. Freelance ideas, anyone?
  • Buy/pack diaper bag for hospital stay. Don’t forget socks and granola bars
  • Get someone to host my baby shower. My mom didn’t want to be in charge so I have to ask an acquaintance-friend. She’s not so close she’d do it on her own but we know each other better than just acquaintances.
  • Go to childbirth classes each Monday in July/learn what the heck you do with babies so as to not kill them.
  • Take car into Honda dealership and make them find that friggen’ rattle that they couldn’t seem to find last time. It’s a new car fer cryinoutloud.
  • Learn to relax
  • Practice more yoga/meditation
  • Come to terms with the fact that I will have to just leave my job alone for roughly 12 weeks and be ok; know that everyone here will be ok.

Not an all-too important entry

I’m… parched. I didn’t bring my normal bottle of water. It was a decision I made last minute. I thought to myself, “Self, you don’t need that paltry 16.9 ounce bottle when you could go spend a mere $1.29 and get an entire liter of water!” So that’s what I’ve got to do… as soon as I muster the energy/will-power to leave my desk. I know that sounds lame but I didn’t sleep that well last night. I was hot and uncomfortable, even though the Snoozer pregnancy pillow actually does help support this growing belly. Todd must have thought Ash would be coming to bed any time because he kindly stuck to the middle of the bed, instead of taking up the entire right side, which he could have done. Ugh. Dogs, what do they know about bed courtesy?

Baby kicked me for about an hour this morning while I sat here and checked my various sites. That half of a blueberry bagel with minimal peanut butter must have really given him an energy boost. Someone said to me yesterday they think he’s going to be big. Uh I hope not. Last week sometime, I had only gained 10-11 pounds. Suddenly now, I am up to 15-16. Hmm, I guess I won’t get too worried because they say all women gain their weight at different times. I’m actually aiming for only 25 pounds but it may just not be in the cards for me. My mom gained 52 pounds with me and she was 110 when she started; wow!

Seems like I had a lot more going on yesterday morning but I have brought my newest FitPregnancy magazine and Dr. No, so I have plenty to do. I’m off to read, people.

A bit of morning humor

I never claimed to be normal… ever. In my senior year of high school and the next year as I came home from college a bunch, my friends and I went to a Saturday night showing of Rocky Horror as often as possible. I knew the audience participation by heart, I dragged “virgins” with us and made them dance the Time Warp. Being a part of the cult of Rocky Horror was really exciting to me back then. This is all leads me to the following link, which is relatively safe for work but will only be funny if you’ve seen the movie and the website I can has cheeseburger?.


Dumb Dora was SO dumb..

Charles Nelson Reilly, dead

I used to be a huge Match Game fanatic. Back when the Game Show Network was fairly new (started in ’94, I got big into it ’97-’99 when I was an undergrad) I watched this show incessantly. I could tell you based on the set decor and the celebrities which year the episode was filmed. I lived for Richard Dawson’s answers, loaded with double entendres. Charles always had something witty to say and he was a character. Nothing like watching a TV show where the people can smoke on the set.


Sometimes I still tune into Match Game and try to feel that same feeling I had back when I watched it. It had something to do with the free time I had, being 19-20, and just fit into a different time in my life. It’s not the same, but Charles Nelson Reilly, you will be missed.

But how about you? What’s your favorite game show and why?

The continuous loop

Back to work, back to the real world. Three day weekends – and vacations in general – always make you, or let you, forget that you have those other obligations. You know, like earning money. And doing something other than watching TV, eating out, seeing movies. Aye, it was a good long weekend but now reality has set in: I am back in the office, my home away from home.

Friday night, my parents made great time getting here and met us for dinner at Outback, which was quite nice. I don’t think I had seen my father since the beginning of January. We stayed up talking and then Saturday, my mom and I did the usual routine for when she’s here: make coffee in the French press, sit outside on the deck when the weather is still cool, then make some breakfast. It’s so rare that I eat a meal consisting of bacon but I figured, why not? Once everyone was up, we went looking at baby furniture – again, because it’s the most annoying, on-going, fruitless search – and then we ate lunch out. In the late afternoon, my mom and I got manicures before coming back to a hamburger dinner with Ash and my Dad.

Unfortunately, they had to leave Sunday morning to go see my paternal grandfather, an hour and a half away. But that’s ok; Ash and I went to eat and bought Legos because, hey, putting those things together is still fun, even at this age. We made plans, then, to see Pirates on Monday, at 10:45 AM. Which worked out really well since it’s a long movie. He took me to lunch and that’s when I realized/remembered that he was leaving today. He leaves for a conference today and will be back Friday night. THEN, he leaves again Sunday for a 5 day conference. I won’t see him again until next Friday. I get him this Saturday and that’s it. Sometimes the time alone in the house is welcome but this is going to kind of, well, suck.

But lest I start the week off whiny, I’ll bring up something entirely different. Um, um, ok, so there’s not much else to bring up. Pirates was good, better than the second, and I was thoroughly entertained. I’m going to make soup for dinner and I plan on buying some little weights because, although I have only really gained a bit of baby weight, my triceps are quickly becoming flabby and I can’t have that.

How was everyone’s holiday weekend?

bad sequals and week-ends

Looming ominously close to the prized 10,000 hit mark. Beware people; it’s gonna sneak up on you and then – BAM! – bullseye. Heh heh.

As cliche as it is, – in fact, is there a word for more than cliche? – T.G.I.F. It hasn’t been a particularly long week, it’s just that since I have been pregnant, time can’t seem to pass quickly enough. Of course, I will be juggling a kid, dealing with whiny dogs, answering the phone, and trying to cook a meal at some point down the road and I’ll look back at some of this free time I had and say, “Why, oh why, didn’t I take time to appreciate it??” But as they say (here’s another hackneyed phrase) you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.

My mom and dad come into town tonight sometime. I’m hoping earlier than later but my dad’s new-ish job sort of requires he works full days. No time for family or holiday weekends! Toil! Slave away! OK, so he’s the head honcho and he should be able to do whatever he wants, but still. They won’t be here very long; just until Sunday morning, before they head to Dothan, AL to visit my sick grandfather. I would also be going but he apparently has this weird reaction to some antibiotic they gave him after chemo that makes him reinfect his air/environment over and over for up to two years. I.E. it would be a bad idea for my parents to go there and then come into my home, where I am incubating a small developing human. Yeah, kind of creepy.

I have tentatively planned for us all to go see a movie on Saturday afternoon. I’m thinking either Shrek the Third or Pirates. But the whole Pirates franchise is so sold out now and everyone’s ridden that bandwagon so hard it’s broken down, cracked wheels, a mess everywhere. I hear it’s entirely too long but I want some closure, dammit. The second one was so rambly and pointless, I just want to see Jack die and get it over with. Don’t you know that if you don’t kill your main guy then it just perpetuates a bad thing? Look at Terminator 3! Wait, they DID kill their hero and STILL made a shit-fest third installment. Geez-us.

Anyway, oatmeal does not actually keep you full like they claim so I have to SPEND MONEY, (sigh) and get some sustenance. Geez, baby, can’t I just, like, not eat for once? Gawd. (Ok, endsarcasm)

The ennui of blogging

I haven’t much felt like blogging today; not feeling all that introspective. Mostly, I have been working on small tasks around the office and chatting with people. Sometimes those are the best kinds of days. And days when cake magically appears in the English office. Those, too, are cherished days.

Monday = no work! I cannot begin to describe my feelings of elation here people. I just need a day off. Although, weekends do seem to be coming around more often lately. In fact, time is passing by at a phenomenal rate. I feel like I have those little squigglies around my body that indicate high speed. Like I’m plummeting through time so fast you can see it.

My parents are coming up this weekend to claim the computer Ash built for them. They got a damn nice computer for just under 800 bucks. Dual core too. It’s about 5 times better than my machine! But no worries: I’ll probably inherit Ash’s comp right around Christmas.  I know you don’t care whether or not you can see the water rippling by the Queynos Harbor Docks in Everquest II, but I think it might be nice. :)

Ok, I have to clean my office – it’s just getting too inundated with paper piles.

This entry has no title!

I just left my desk for 35 minutes and I didn’t get a single email or phone call. Usually, that’ll do the trick; people tend to call when I am not just hanging around mindlessly playing clicky games. Oh well. I always feel better about Wednesdays than I do Tuesdays. Tuesdays are from hell, regardless of what the majority thinks about Mondays. That’s one area where Garfield and I disagree.

My parents are coming into town this weekend and I have not yet started to panic. Ok, it isn’t so much panic as it is an overwhelming desire to make sure my house is presentable, even though my mom claims not to care. And she probably doesn’t but there’s a standard I keep for cleanliness when guests are present. Shouldn’t everyone? I have to sweep and vacuum, clean the guest bathroom, make the guest bed and god, I seriously need to get Ash into that room so my parents aren’t tripping over his huge-ass quad-xeon server that sounds like a jet engine making landing preparations. Also, if you see a fairly expensive Eddie Bauer down comforter oozing from my garbage can, know that the dogs have repeatedly peed on it – the only thing of this nature – and it’s just too damn hot in the winter even, to salvage. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and part with material objects.

Baby update: this little boy seems to be moving around a whole lot more now. Maybe not field goal kicker, maybe Olympic gymnast? I “complain” that he’s kicking my ass all the time but I secretly love to feel it. Just as I secretly love Abba and Color Me Badd. Man, I can’t even keep my own secrets!

Pregnancy brings so many unwanted things with it, including porn star boobs. Sure, some women pay damn good money to get them this big but if they knew how it felt if they were real – the night sweating, the aches and pains, their husband constantly groping – they’d think twice. Or maybe not. Maybe the porn industry simply pays them too much for them to care. I really wouldn’t know.

Do you think I’ll get more hits on this entry now that I’ve used the word “porn”?