Gear lust

It’s not often these days that I lust after something to buy. But this, oh this I want.

This would solve a lot of problems with the dogs accidentally knocking charging cells phone or ipods out of the wall as they rough house endlessly and in corners I thought were safe. Amazing invention!

I also want an apple fritter.

Om baby

I think I am sore due to yoga, since I failed to attend the prenatal class the last two weeks. But yesterday, I finally got my ass in gear and went. In fact, I was really glad that I did. Even though at first I found it kind of cheesy that during some of the more meditative parts, the woman instructed us to “send your baby love, tell yourself what a good mother you already are for taking time out of your day to practice yoga…”, I still quite enjoyed the calmness of it all, the stretching, the whole zen result. I was in a fabulous mood the rest of the night.

When I got home, our friend, Drew, was already at the house, for we had plans to have dinner while he was briefly in town. We went to Smokey Bones, even though I don’t much care for that place. But we had a good time; talked about money and making it, in great quantities, and how not even that much money can buy you happiness. Although, I think he still believes it can, if you have enough. Ash and I think that when you have that much, you stop worrying about all the problems money can solve and then you have to focus on the rest, what’s inside you that only you can deal with. People like Bill Gates have only those sorts of problems, I imagine.

I took a 19 week belly picture, because I finally look pregnant, and then I put it in an email. However, I failed to attach it to said email so you’re just going to have to wait.

I decided to eat oatmeal at home today instead of picking up something on the way in. However, that was 2 hours ago and my belly is rumbly! I just postponed the inevitable – I didn’t save any money in the long run.

Anyway, I MUST calculate my students’ final grades today. It won’t take long but I have put it off long enough.