Swinging on the moods

Blah. I suddenly feel terribly blue, down, depressed, woeful, etc. It is noon, lunchtime, and I am not sure what I want. Well, what I really wanted was to go out to lunch at the invitation of husband and friends but alas, I sacrifice my lunch to teach English to the youth of America. I know I know, I’m so selfless! I’m a fabulous person who deserves a pat on the back! Ok, not really. But you can see what kind of smart-ass sarcastic mood I am in. The question is: do I want to eat the shit Mexican on campus or take a little walk to the union to eat even crappier food? I DID get back into my office a bit early from class so – technically – I have 10 minutes to spare. Eh, I’ll probably just suck it up and eat a shitty burrito.

And soon because I think I’m cranky due to lack of food. I ate a bagel at 7:40 and a Special K 90 calorie breakfast bar at about 9:45.

What are you guys eating? I’m obsessed with food lately, what can I say?

La la la la Thursday

Tomorrow is  the last day of class but mine ended today. They were good kids all in all but we just didn’t connect the way I have with classes in the past. I told them I enjoyed them though – which isn’t entirely untrue – and a bunch asked if I was teaching next semester. Unfortunately, I will be teaching the same exact class. I take it as a good sign when they ask that question. They either genuinely like me or they like the grade I’m giving them. One of the two.

There is a bunch of paperwork I could do today to tie up loose ends here and there. Ahh paperwork. I could also start calculating grades but, ah, yeah I just don’t feel like it. Depends on how the afternoon looks. Sometimes I get a second wind and really work my ass off until 4:30.
So, the things “they” say about sleeping on your left side when pregnant to improve circulation… all true. I fell asleep last night on my right side/back – sort of wedged the pillow under me so I was at a weird angle – and I awoke (after a delicious dream about Daniel Craig might I add) with the worst cramp/stiffness in my right knee. I was almost afraid to straighten it for fear it might shatter like, oh I don’t know, the way plaster would. I imagined my leg breaking off this plaster casing with each inch I straightened it to some relief.  But speaking of sleeping, my entire pattern has been thrown off now. I was exhausted around 7 PM. You know when people say, “I’ve had one of those days…” ? Well, that day has been this whole week for me. Anyway, Ash and I got in bed around 7:30 with the dogs and I didn’t wake up until about 9:19. I figured I should get up and try to be productive for a couple hours. Ash, howeve, slept right on through until the alarm; 11 hours! Even though I feel refreshed today and less stressed than Wednesday, I still feel like my whole night was backwards. Ugh.

In other news, I’m craving cake. or something like it. Really, I’ve only felt like eating fried things or cheese. Not good. I need some vegetables, dammit. I’ve got to start forcing myself to eat them. I like them; I just forget. Ok, I’m starting to babble so off I go.