Your all-organic baby


Recently, this word has become very hot amongst the trend setters, although those who brought it about amidst their communities are definitely not trying to be trend setters. In your grocery store, we have organic produce, bananas, tampons etc. In the news, there always seem to be conflicting articles on which vegetables and fruits are even worth buying organic because really, there’s only so much the product can change before it’s just an excuse to charge 99 cents a pound as opposed to 41. (see: bananas)

On Wednesday, I went into this little studio that specializes in prenatal yoga. Having practiced yoga on and off for a few years now, I thought it would be good to do while pregnant, both for exercise and to get out of the house now and then. So I bring my yoga mat and go in for the class. The woman who runs the place is very nice, very personable. From the get-go, I had a good feeling about the whole thing. That is, until she tried to get me to not use my mat and use their organic mats.

This brings up the whole issue that we have going on in our country today; that is, people who worry about other people to the point that it’s creepy. I.E. Men who say women cannot have birth control. Why are YOU so concerned with MY body? Again, this applies to those folk who say gay people may not marry or be in some sort of legal relationship. Or be together at all. And once again, why should you be worried about what they do on their own time? Don’t you have hobbies? So when this woman tried to give me some line about how the organic mat will displace my weight better blah blah blah (which I have yet to find evidence on, and I’ve looked), I was a little turned off. I used my mat and did just fine, thanks.

All in all, I still think I will go to this place because a.) there wasn’t a horde of hippies trying to cram organic down my throat and b.) I met a bunch of nice pregnant women who I could see myself befriending. But I won’t be buying an organic mat and I probably won’t buy any of those organic baby clothes, no matter how cute they are. Because I just can’t justify a shirt the size of a grapefruit costing 30 dollars. What do you think? Is organic worth it or just another money scheme?

Pointless for Friday Morning

Everyone keeps reminding me that it’s Friday. Oh yeah, I sort of forgot. I’ve been busy right up until about now and there’s still more to do. I’m just taking a minute to recoil my brain and stuff it back into my head. It began to leak out around 10 AM.

So, in weather news, it was 45 this morning. Yeah, how odd for early April. Instead of rain we got cold. Which, I suppose, did take care of some of the pollen so that’s a good thing. I just wasn’t ready for tonight’s low to be 33! Wow.

This entry isn’t very interesting; I have a lot to talk about but I just don’t feel it right now. I think I will grade papers for a bit then go to lunch.