Whining you’d expect from a Monday

Taking a 90 minute nap really helped me feel better. Well, it made me less tired. My head still feels like it could explode any second. Every time I move the weight shifts from side to side. It’s like the worst sinus infection and yet, this doesn’t happen every day so it can’t be. But enough about me. I am going to eat some lunch and get on with the day because I hate moping around like an invalid.

My mother’s visit this weekend was quite nice. She got in Friday night right about the time we had dinner plans with friends. We wanted her to come but she preferred to just get home, eat Subway and relax. The weekend was like a mini-vacation for her as well. On Saturday she and I went shopping for – gasp – maternity clothes. The jeans I have on right now are, as we speak, just too tight. I found 3 pair of nice comfortable work-acceptable shorts and 3 bras. When you’re pregnant, that’s, like, priority one and I kid you not. I also picked up another FSU shirt, because you can never have too many. In the afternoon, we ate at El Chico and we browsed through pictures – my mom had hers from Hawaii – and then we ate a small meal before taking our 2 mile walk. Sunday, she and I went to Target where I spent even more money I don’t have (granted, she did buy me some stuff) and then we all went to Roadhouse: my least favorite restaurant. In the afternoon before she left we got manicures and it was oh-so storybook. But you know, who cares? My nails look nice.

Whenever company leaves, I always feel so empty and tired. So I did laundry and finished reloading my computer. But mostly I napped on and off and tried not to think about coming back to work, which, for no particular reason, I’m just not into today. I have three tasks I must complete and yet, I haven’t the will to even begin them. Most involve talking to people on the phone: UGH.

I want to write about Flushed Away because we watched it last night but I don’t even have it in me right now. TTFN.

Time out

Lying in bed half awake before getting up to shower, I had a hunch that today was going to be comprised of bad feelings and hatred. I was angry for no reason, hated everything I tried on, and I was running late to work. Now I’m going to share with you something you may or may not have wanted to know. The morning sickness subsided around week 13 but this morning, it decided to flare up again.  I tried everything to keep my stomach from flaring up, burning my esophagus: I had the A/C blowing on my face, mental exercises of “you will be ok, you will be ok” but eventually – and right before I got to my breakfast destination – my body rebelled against me. Never before had I been so thankful that Elements don’t have carpeting. Clean up was a snap. But if you have had children and are familiar with morning sickness, you’d know it’s not like if you ate 3 corndogs and rode the Tilt-o-whirl. It’s more like when your dog drinks a ton of water and then runs five laps around the yard – all water and snot.

The worst part of this is that normally, when people upchuck, they feel better. I, on the other hand, seem to feel worse.  My head is pounding and my equilibrium is definitely off. I feel completely ill. However, I cannot spare any time because I need to save every hour of time I am earning for when I take maternity leave. I’m either going to go home for two hours and come back or see if I can stick it out for just a bit longer. I’m thinking going home will be the better option. Then I can begin again: reshower, redress and maybe feel better about everything.