The ballad of time

Sometimes it seems there’s a point in the day when writing my first blog entry seems right. My hand will, by its own volition, click away from whatever swill on the net I am half-assedly reading and come back here to compose. Sure, it’s not poetry and it certainly isn’t anything intelligent or politically charged but by gum, it keeps me going.

Time has been intermittently slowing down and speeding up throughout the morning. My everything bagel with cream cheese seems a million days away and yet, the hour I spent in the classroom directly after said bagel seems like only one moment ago. Of course, time plods along just as it always has – at the same ‘speed’ as time does – and it will continue to do so for as long as we know. But the mind is capable of playing many tricks on us (which is actually just a trick on itself, you know?) so we feel as if the time is a roller coaster of ups and down and exciting moments like the slow haul to the top of a crest and then the lull as your car swings around to park itself back at the beginning. Ok, so that analogy kind of… blows. But you get my drift.

I have somehow injured the muscle on the top of my right hand. It’s the muscle that makes pulling open a heavy door possible, the muscle that control squeezing a bottle of Nexus conditioner without throbbing stabbity pain that makes me utter some guttural “urg” while in the shower, prompting my husband to ask if I just farted. Although that was amusing, I was in pain dammit and I now favor this hand like a lion with a thorn stuck in its paw. What the heck kind of treatment in there for this injury? Nothing, that’s what.

I’ve reached a lull in the morning; I find myself sort of staring at he computer screen, blurry now with the glaze in my eyes, and thinking that there’s almost nothing at this moment that I want to be doing. Do you ever feel like that? The workday is sucking my will to live because at the moment, there’s so very little work to be doing. There are a few unfinished tasks that I could work on but you know, if I don’t save something for later, I’ll just feel like this at 3:30, which will be worse because it is ever so closer to the end of the day.

I think now is the time to check other blogs and see what other people are thinking today.