I can see!

I hate wearing my glasses. They’re an old prescription and give me a killer headache. But you see, I had a horrible contact tragedy at approximately 1:54 AM. I fell asleep watching tv around 11 or so and when I awoke 1:54 – to use the bathroom, as is the norm now – I realized that I had forgotten to remove said contacts before bed. The kind I have claim to be wearable for 30 days straight but I have some sort of weird eye dryness issue so I take them out each night. So yes, they were plastered to my eyeballs and removal was not an easy task. I manged to pry the right one from my eye and as it teared up, I looked into my left eye for my next victim. I poked and pulled, trying to dislodge its suction but to no avail. I tried and tried to get my natural tears to flow, hoping they’d slide into that minuscule space between lens and cornea but my eye just continued to swell and redden. As I stared into the sink in pain and frustration, I see this little round lens, lying precariously in between the drain hole and the stopper. It was already out! So I rushed to procure tweezers and extracted it from its near demise. I went back to bed with red, burning eyes and awoke feeling as if it were too soon to put them back in. Hence, glasses.

But it’s already 10:15 and today should go pretty quickly. I’m going to lunch around noon and I don’t really see myself hanging around too much in the afternoon. Thankfully it’s Friday. At the beginning of the week, it felt like this day was a million miles away. But here we are! So what are y’all doing this weekend? (Besides seeing 300, which everyone should do!)