Baby heartbeats and bachelor parties

Man, days off really do have their advantages and disadvantages. The drawback is, of course, having to come back to work and feel sad that you can’t be at home again. But then again, if you stay home too much, you become lazy.

So anyway, yesterday was a pretty darn good day. In the morning, we went for my first ultrasound, which was absolutely awesome. We saw the little thing, moving its arms and legs a bit, and we got to hear the heartbeat. So cool. I mean, one of the most amazing experiences in my life thus far. It’s as if I didn’t even believe I was pregnant until I saw it there, sitting in its little pocket. And, even better news was that I am actually about 12 weeks 4 days instead of 10. So how awesome? I just skipped 2 weeks, basically!

After that I went home for a bit and back out to get a pedicure. There’s a wedding this weekend and I plan on wearing open toed shoes; my toes can’t look like crap, right? My fingernails looks bad enough but there’s not a lot I can do for them. So yeah, we went to Chili’s with Matt and his g/f, since he’s moving to Denver on Monday, and then we hung out the rest of the afternoon. It was great. Nice and relaxing.

Ash is headed to Jax tonight for a bachelor party and I won’t see him until tomorrow afternoon. It seems as if we never know both of the people getting married well enough so that he goes to that party and I go to a bachelorette party.  But that’s ok; I’m having coffee with a friend so there’s something. But you know me: I could clean all night and be content.

Happy Thursday, everyone!