And a snifter of brandy

On my way in from lunch, I saw a kid sitting on a bench, smoking a pipe. Not the kind of pipe that’s hand-blown glass and sold in head shops but the kind you’d see dangling from the mouth of an elderly, refined sort of gentleman, sitting in a wing chair in a fire-lit study. My first thought was, “Geez, are you trying to be pretentious?” But then I thought, “Well, it’s an interesting hobby and everyone should have a hobby.” This kid, who looks like his favorite band could have either been Metallica OR Phish (yes, I realize the differences there), might just come from a long line of pipe smokers. … Or he’s trying to be pretentious.

F.Y.I Check out this website’s different tobacco blends, especially the one called “Middle Earth pipeweed series”. Mmm, mine tastes like Pippin.

In other (possibly TMI) news, I’m having weird little pangs in my abdomen. According to’s nifty calendar tool, the bean is supposedly growing sex organs today. Maybe that’s what it is, but it’s not cramping or anything related to “I ate an entire pizza” kind of pain. I’m also sort of tired but honestly, I slept a TON last night so I should be bouncing off the walls right now. I only took a half hour lunch so when I go home 30 minutes early today, I’m either going to nap or sweep huge dust bunnies from the living room. Which should I choose? Oh the decisions!

The family tree

The prospect of becoming a great grandfather has gotten my grandfather to break out some of the old photos that he has scanned into his computer. This one is four generations: my mother as a baby, her mom, her grandfather and great grandfather. I hope to take many pics with the kid and my grandparents so some day in the future, we can tell him/her all about how generous and kind and loving they were. (Still are!) Click for larger.