There’s nothing like a little Prince to pick up your Friday morning. I recommend “Little Red Corvette” or “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Anyway, the morning began pretty slowly: I ate a bagel and drank some grape juice. Nothing else happened and it’s kind of a slow news day. At 9 I had a brief training session with a woman in Budget and Analysis so that took up a good chunk of time and was very informative. Normally I sort of zone out during that kind of stuff but this has to do with reporting job time, etc. and if you mess that up, it sort of affects the budget for, well, the whole state of Florida.

It’s overcast today and I didn’t think it was supposed to rain. However, my yard could certainly use it. That’s the thing about being a homeowner: you actually care about that stuff. Instead of going home Friday afternoon and thinking about the kegger later and who to look up for a good time, you think about the guest bathroom toilet whose bobber won’t float properly, causing an overflow. You think about that brown patch of grass, the pollen on the deck that will require use of the blower, the electrical outlets that still need to be replaced. It’s a never-ending cycle too. Once we got the new dishwasher in, we attacked the faucet that had been flowing at about half pressure for at least two months. After that it was clean out the garage to make room for the crap soon to be excavated from the pit of garbage that was enveloping the soon-to-be nursery.

With the exception of a small computer desk, a filing cabinet, an arcade machine in various pieces and an antique globe, the room is clear and almost ready to be vacuumed, painted, and recarpeted. That will be two more things to cross of the “List of shit to do before baby comes.” And it feels damn good to cross stuff off that list, let me tell you.

Sidenote: some people I work with bring joy to my days. They are kind and thoughtful all the time.

Second sidenote: the other morning I was in the bathroom and I heard someone blowing their nose. I opened the stall door to see a guy – all thugged out with doo-rag and all – who looked at me and said, “oh shit”. I left before he could bolt out of there. I made sure to double check the sign on the door when I left. That was pretty amusing.

I’m off to read more news and while away the hours. My mom comes to visit later tonight!

One day closer to Friday!

Song recommendation for the day: Lou Rawls – “You’ll never find…”

That’s a classic. Ask Ash: I played this one a ton when we were living back in Woodgate. Anyway, it’s Thursday, which means we’re one day closer to the weekend and that my mother comes tomorrow. This means that today I MUST clean since I failed to do so yesterday. One of our friends was moving and needed our help. I couldn’t carry much but my Element came in handy. You can really fit a ton of crap in there with the seats up; I can only imagine how much more if we actually took them completely out. I have yet to do that.

On a totally unrelated note, we finally watched Borat the other night. Before anyone goes biting my head off, I want to state for the record that I am starting to get a lot better at being understanding on things where I cannot possibly imagine how anyone could like something I didn’t. With that said, I thought it was a flaming piece of crap. Ok ok, some scenes made me chuckle but only out of sheer embarrassment for the guy or the fact that what he was doing was just so assanine that I couldn’t believe it. Some of the stuff he says is funny like the “high five” and all that. I could see how some of the quirky stuff caught on. But in general I was just pretty bored by it. We also rented Flushed Away but we have not watched it yet. I’ll report on that later. (Sometimes when I type “later” I end up writing “layer” and the movie Layer Cake always comes to mind. Random, I know)

By Copyblogger standards i probably haven’t made this entry the best I could for you. But you know, it’s tough to be fabulous every day. Cut me some slack! And comment! I love you guys…

we’ve reached mid-week

The song I recommend today is: “Miracles” by Jefferson Starship

The drink I recommend today is: V8 fusion, strawberry-banana

The informative website I recommend today is: Copyblogger

Those were some random bits of info I wanted to pass along. It’s early still and the brain has yet to reach full-functioning level. In a little bit, I have to go upstairs to work on some job-related stuff. I like Wednesdays; they’re better than Tuesdays which, to me, feel like the armpit of the week. Mondays are tolerable and Wednesday is “hell, the week’s half over” day. Thursdays are tough like Tuesday but not quite as cruddy. And we don’t even need to say how Friday is.

Birthday recap: I woke up yesterday and totally forgot that it was my own birthday. I’d say it was about 20 minutes into my day that it hit me. Work was pretty dull but a lot of people sent well-wishes. I decided to leave at 3 because, well, because it was my day, dammit, and I wanted to take a good long nap. I only ended up napping for about 25 minutes though. Ash got home and we went to FGF for dinner. It was actually really good. Ash had a sirloin and I got fried group on top of a bed of collard greens, on a bed of cheese grits. Yummy! Afterwards we went in search of desert. I ended up getting a slice of chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. It was the closest to birthday cake I could get without buying an entire cake, which I really don’t need. I was going to watch Casino Royale again but I ended up on the phone a bunch and then Ash and I took our two mile walk with the dogs, which is much better than sitting on my ass being a lousy fangirl.

On today’s agenda:

  • Tidy up office
  • Make sure little tasks have been caught up on
  • Start grading research papers
  • do laundry
  • begin operation “clean house before mom comes”
  • Write one page of non-fiction

Another notch in the post

I don’t know what it is about me and birthdays but I am always sort of down. I know for sure it isn’t the getting older part. As stated before, you cannot stop the march of time. It’s partly that fact that I don’t crave attention and when everyone keeps wishing me a happy birthday, I somehow feel so indebted to them or guilty for it being “my time”. But gosh, shouldn’t it be some other way? Shouldn’t I feel excited and celebrate in the fact that I’ve made it 28 years on this planet – in this world – where it’s not all that easy to make your way and sometimes people get shafted from the get-go? I’ve been pretty blessed all my life and that, in part, contributes to my inability to stop and be grateful for it all. So from right now on, I’m going to take this day as a time to be thankful for everything and to just be me.

I began by apologizing to my class. They seemed so disinterested and then I took that as a sign to give up instead of what a good teacher would do: make it interesting so that we can work together as a team and get through the semester a little wiser, a little more aware of ourselves. They really liked that I did that; I also told them I was pregnant and they were all pretty excited about that. I only kept them for half an hour and they appreciated that too.

Since I am usually in class until 9, I decided to treat myself to breakfast at the Suwanee room. I usually just get the under-the-heat lamp eggs (which are actually good), a hashbrown and a sausage patty, maybe some fruit. But today I went all out and made a belgian waffle. That was a tasty way to start my day too. I never ever eat waffles or pancakes. In fact, I can think of two times that Ash has eaten them (and he hates breakfast foods of most sorts with the exception of eggs). So now, at 9 AM, I am writing some emails, waiting for my boss to get in so we can work on updating a list.

How’s everyone else doing today?


Impulsive cleaning

Good morning, people. How goes? I’m feeling particularly word-less today so bear with me here. I had a pretty good night’s sleep and a nice bagel for breakfast, followed by a brisk walk across campus and yet, I still feel sort of… nothing. Neither happy or sad, bored or busy. I guess it is possible to just be.

The weekend was comprised of, well, not much. On Saturday we got started around 11:30 with lunch then Target, where we acquired storage bins for a project we never actually got to working on. We mostly played EQII and I cleaned here and there. Although, yesterday I did make some time for me: I went to Starbucks before grocery shopping and I had coffee and a vanilla cupcake. Scandalous, I know, but it was well worth it. I could get addicted to their cupcakes; holy crap. But for the rest of the day, I felt anxious and pressed for time, even though nothing was actually all the pressing. Ever get that feeling? I kept pacing the house, finding little things to do. Finally, Ash had to calm me down and get me to relax a little. Sometimes I get carried away with household chores.

I have an interesting sort of half day: there’s a training session from 1:30 to 4:30 (when I normally leave) so I’ll basically take lunch then go to training, and then go home. Although, I fear that training is going to bore me to tears… or to sleep. I’ve got to bring something with me to stay entertained!

Anyway, now that I’ve bored you all with this entry, I am off to check the news ’round the world.

Music prompts memories

It was December, 1994. I had finished my one and only semester at South Broward High School in Dania, Florida. Because we were moving, my parents let me attend school with all my friends, instead of going to Chaminade-Madonna, the Catholic High school I had been accepted to. Over the Christmas break, we – my mother and father, sister and beagle – moved the four hours to Altamonte Springs, where we lived in my father’s one bedroom apartment for roughly one month while the house buying procedures were churned through, settled, unsettled, then finalized.

The very first day that they took us to see our new home, I was wearing my favorite clothes at the time: a pair of jeans with flannel patches on the knees, my Guns and Roses t-shirt, and my black Nikes with the purple swoosh. On my Walkman, I listened to Pearl Jam, Black. We pulled up to the house, at the end of a cul-de-sac (“People get killed in cul-de-sacs,” someone at school told me) and I was feeling so out of place. The neighbourhoods down south were all straight grid streets, named by presidents and intersected by numbers. In central Florida, everything is winding and covered in trees and named after trees; our street name was Lonesome Pine.

We wandered through this big empty house, full of light and windows, Mexican tile and archways. It was so the polar opposite of our little house – the only one I had ever known. I remember feeling, as the vast emptiness of what would be my new home filled me, that the song embodied my emotions. I was an angsty almost 15 year old, full of rage, hormones and fear. As we drove away, I looked on the streets for kids my age; possible friendships. I was scared and alone. I don’t think my friendships were ever the same after I moved away from my childhood home of 14 years.

And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass
Of what was everything?
All the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything.

Breakfast part duex

My eyes are burning this morning – presumably from the monitor but who knows. Also, for the sheer amount of uninterrupted sleep I achieved last night, I feel awfully crappy. Stuffy head, pounding in my temples… this isn’t the way Friday ought to be!

I eat breakfast at home because I think it’s going to stop the hunger and stop me from getting something around 9 or 10. I’m only deluding myself here, people.  When the bean wants to eat, it wants to eat. You can’t control it. Besides, I haven’t gained one single pound my first trimester, no matter what I do, which is creepy because my jeans no longer button comfortably… at all.

I moved some stuff around on my site. Let me know what you think. I’m also going to (when I actually spend the time) switch to flickr (yes, I’m selling out) so soon, there will be a flickr widget too. Anyway, I’m not much for conversation this morning so have a good Friday!

What’s with today today?

Sigh. To start this glorious day, my students didn’t give two shits about the assignment in class, which – I thought – would be really fun. To add to this day, I had to make an appointment with a plumber because out kitchen sink is stopping up. Then, an upper level faculty member couldn’t make it to class so she had the 4th floor people set up her class with a movie. Except those people have no idea how to use technology so I had to help. That was ok except that I realized that students – on any level – just don’t care. It’s the trend today I guess.

I’ve got a headache and I can’t seem to focus. I think I’m hungry but it goes back and forth in my brain and my stomach, flip-flopping from starvation to total aversion. Sucky, I tell you. But on a more positive note, it’s already 11:15 and I feel like I just got here. This is a good sign.