You don’t want any of this

I have student conferences in about half an hour and they last until 11 or so. I wish you could hear the tone of my voice to know just how thrilled I am about this. Honestly, this semester has proven to be just so-so. The students I have are big-time slackers and it’s perhaps causing an epidemic amongst every one else. I mean, only 16 out of 26 students did a journal that had been available for over a week. (Did I gripe about this already?) They’re supposed to come to conference with: 3-4 pages of their research paper written, a working works cited page, and 2 questions for me about their paper. If they don’t, they get half credit. I am wagering that about 14 kids will have done this and the other 12 will make up some lame ass excuse about it. And I will have to rub my ear lobes and quietly say “woo sahhh” to myself, in a darkened office once all freshmen have evacuated my space.

In other news, I experienced my first drastic mood swing yesterday, due to the hormones surging through me at the moment. In the evening, as I made a meatloaf and green beans, I felt happy, calm, and delighted in Comcast’s Jazz station. After a brief nap to rid myself of a headache, I found myself irritated with the world and downright angry. It was scary, folks. I can’t blame the bean; after all, he/she doesn’t realize that growing tiny hands and feet (at this stage) are making me an unfriendly monster. It’s ok; I’ll learn to deal. I even might start meditating. Yeah, I sound all hippie-style, I know.

More later after the icky freshmen are done letting me down.