Judging a book by its cover, or in this case, its name

**Disclaimer for my disclaimer: I don’t like to disclaim anything I write but I also don’t want to offend anyone.**

**Disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend anyone but this subject came up and I like to point out some of the things in the world that just seem to make sense somehow.**

So, gay baby names. That sounds so ignorant so I didn’t make it the title of this post. But as my husband and I have been thinking about children, we have also been throwing out names. If it’s a boy, we have chosen Elliot Michael. I have also chosen Robert Samuel for our second son. In the case of that. However, it seems apparent to me that there are certain names that America has come to associate with homosexuality. These are names like Connor, Dylan, Lance, Troy, Seth, and Bruce. (I have never seen a baby named Bruce but I do somehow relate it to a brutish type wearing leather chaps.) There are others out there and, of course, exceptions to the rules. I have known a very gay Drew and a very straight football player Drew. I knew a club kid named Lance whose boyfriend was Troy. However, one of my newer friends is named Lance and I am almost positive that he’s straight. It just seems that society – and maybe it’s movies that do this – makes us subconsciously associate being gay with your name. I know, that sounds so silly but it seems to be out there. Am I alone on this or does it seem that there’s a stigma surrounding these sorts of names?

What’s with today today?

So far today I have had a student of mine argue with me, a student of mine cry in my office, and a random student spaz out and curse because he can’t get credit for a freshman English class twice (and rightfully so, you moron). But regardless, today is shaping up to be kind of weird. Kind of… backwards I guess. My sister called me, which is rare. I mean, I’ll call her and we talk for a while but it’s almost always I who initiates the call. I have also been quite awake, considering that I have been unconventionally tired as of late. I think that might change after lunch but we’ll see. I have been lightly snacking all morning, on fruit and nuts. I feel like a squirrel.

ETA: Another way in which things are backwards today is the weather. Well, not so much the entity but my reaction to it. Normally, I am cold in 50-60 degree temps. Even when wearing a jacket, I emerge from my office and shiver. This morning, as I trudged from my car to the Williams building, I felt comfortable. It wasn’t windy and I was only wearing a shirt and a light sweater, but I felt as if the cold were not bone chilling. And then I checked weather.com to find it was 28 outside. 28 degrees! So why then was my body acting so back-asswards? Such a strange day…

I feel like s#@! today

I’m serious; my stomach is all a mess and my head pounds… I wish I could just go home. But the thing is, if I make it past, say 2, I feel fine and then going home was pointless. I keep saying I’ll wait to see if I feel sick in the afternoon then go home early. But I always feel fine.

My students turned in their first paper today. Half of them didn’t have a folder or staples or even the drafts. I don’t know what’s wrong this semester but they are lost little souls. I feel like I had to come down pretty hard on them about some stuff and you know, I don’t care if that affects my teachers evals at the end of the semester. These kids are gonna be so lost if they don’t learn this easy stuff now. Damn they made me so sad.

So yeah, I’m gonna read a book and try to ignore the fact that I feel like complete crap. I hope everyone else is having a good day…