Thursday already? Sweet!

So yesterday, as mentioned, I scheduled conferences such that I didn’t leave time for my hour lunch. I henceforth added it to the end of my day and went home at 3:30. Let me tell you how nice that was. It was a gorgeous day out so I let the dogs out into the yard to play, peeled a boiled egg, then laid down on the couch for about 30 minutes. What a refreshing nap! When Ash got home we proceeded to the rock gym; early enough that it wasn’t totally packed. Wednesdays are half off so the college kids are normally out in abundance. I am definitely out of shape in terms of climbing. I could barely get through some of the easier routes, which was very disappointing and discouraging. However, getting back into the habit will alleviate that within a few weeks. I did manage to complete a few though, so that is good. I haven’t totally lost it yet.

And then we ate Hamburger Helper. Ugh. Why did I eat that when I could have steamed some veggies and opened a can of tuna? Well, because then Ash would have had to have fended for himself. And I felt like cooking for us both. But look at it this way: that shit calls for a pound of hamburg. I had a small handful. We never use that much because, god, that’s just disgusting.

Today’s agenda is quite busy: turn in PhD application, conference for two hours, create 20 more 1101 sections for summer, and try to send out some more poems. It’s all very possible. There are 24 usable hours in every day. *

*If you can tell me where that obscure line comes from, I’ll send you some cookies. I’m not kidding.