Morning linkage

There are actually a few news stories that particularly interest me today.

This is so true

I remember all these bands

I don’t think screening unborn babies for defects makes them designer… just safer and creates more prepared parents.

The new old Coke can

When I quit, Ash only gave them 5 years anyway. Comp list

I’m going to go get some sort of breakfast food and then make a lot of copies. Sounds fun, doesn’t it??

You don’t want any of this

I have student conferences in about half an hour and they last until 11 or so. I wish you could hear the tone of my voice to know just how thrilled I am about this. Honestly, this semester has proven to be just so-so. The students I have are big-time slackers and it’s perhaps causing an epidemic amongst every one else. I mean, only 16 out of 26 students did a journal that had been available for over a week. (Did I gripe about this already?) They’re supposed to come to conference with: 3-4 pages of their research paper written, a working works cited page, and 2 questions for me about their paper. If they don’t, they get half credit. I am wagering that about 14 kids will have done this and the other 12 will make up some lame ass excuse about it. And I will have to rub my ear lobes and quietly say “woo sahhh” to myself, in a darkened office once all freshmen have evacuated my space.

In other news, I experienced my first drastic mood swing yesterday, due to the hormones surging through me at the moment. In the evening, as I made a meatloaf and green beans, I felt happy, calm, and delighted in Comcast’s Jazz station. After a brief nap to rid myself of a headache, I found myself irritated with the world and downright angry. It was scary, folks. I can’t blame the bean; after all, he/she doesn’t realize that growing tiny hands and feet (at this stage) are making me an unfriendly monster. It’s ok; I’ll learn to deal. I even might start meditating. Yeah, I sound all hippie-style, I know.

More later after the icky freshmen are done letting me down.

Does this make me a bad person?

As you may recall in this entry, I have rather irresponsible neighbours. Well, yesterday I met a breaking point. I was not in a good mood anyway and I was feeling very obstinate about, well, everything. I called the pups in from outside, around 9 AM or so and for the 3rd time in roughly 12 hours, I had to clean cat shit out of their mouths. I know that this is innate behaviour for dogs but I look at it this way: I don’t own any f’n cats so why must I deal with this? I was so frustrated that I called animal control. Except they aren’t open on the weekend. I mustered the courage (because now, of course, I’m chickening out) to call animal control just now but I’m inside city limits and I have to call this other number. I haven’t done it because now I feel bad.

Basically, they’ll set a trap and when it’s full, I have to call them. I’m worried that a.) the neighbours are going to know it’s me and b.) something else will get caught in there. I rest assured that they’ll at least try to socialize them and then put them up for adoption but honestly, I really don’t like stinky piles of cat shit in my yard, on my deck, and furthermore, if I did, I’d own my own friggen’ feline, you know? I don’t like ethical problems like this. I don’t know if I can handle seeing the cat trapped in there but honestly, when I have a small child in my yard and he/she steps in some freshly created cat refuse, I might just kill one of the fat neighbours. Maybe I am doing the right thing.

Mondays deserve disjointed lists

Some things on my mind this morning:

  • I am way too meticulous when peeling a boiled egg
  • Morning sickness sucks
  • The fog was so bad this morning my breathe hung in the air
  • I get a lunch break on Tuesday/Thursday this week! (conferences instead)
  • Another boring year of Oscar winners
  • I need to tidy up my office
  • Squash is my favorite vegetable, as of late
  • We bought a dishwasher but it doesn’t come until Sunday :(
  • It’s a clear, sunny day; I think Winter is basically over now
  • Next weekend we’re building desks in my room to combine our offices
  • We’re also going to Osaka and riding around in a limo!
  • Too bad I won’t be able to drink :(
  • I’m going to get some work done in the office
  • Happy Monday!

Why I’m up this early: an essay

Ok, so I’m not really going to write an essay about being up before 8 on a Sunday morning but nevertheless, I am and wide awake at that. I didn’t really go to bed early: I fell asleep around 11:45 or so. However, when dogs are ready to eat and pee, they kind of have to go. And they let you know.

So, Sunday, a day of relaxation. Well, normally. Sometime before 1 or so, I need to have almost everything out of my computer room. We’re combining offices and Ash and one of his friends who installs cabinets and countertops is helping us build a desk in here. Although I though it was a cool idea, I didn’t fully understand the weight of having to move all my books. And damn, do I own a lot of books. The books that took up an entire bookshelf are maybe only 1/4 of what I actually own, for a lot more are in boxes in the closet. All the cleaning out has made me realize that a.) I am stuck in my ways a little bit and b.) I like to have stacks of things in certain places and I really don’t like poeple to mess with them. I know that we’re moving into this room to make room for a baby but it feels a lot like everyone’s stepping on my toes. ::grumble grumble::

So, would you like to hear about all the fabulous things that come along with being (according to the doctor’s office) 9 weeks pregnant? Well first of all, nausea comes and goes but is actually worse in the morning, making that term not so much a misnomer for me. Headaches are bad, gas is bad, and my congestion is horrible. From everything I read, this is all perfectly normally, including the heightened allergies that keep me up nights, sneezing and blowing my nose, much to Ash’s chagrin I am sure. But he never complains or even mentions it; I guess I should count that as a blessing.

I have to go drink some ginger ale and eat some toast to calm my stomach. This computer will be disassembled by about 11 so I’ll be back tomorrow, in the office. Have a good Sunday, everyone.

Finally Friday/ Time to tell

Does it seem like this week went on FOREVER? It does to me. A friend of mine in Japan called on Tuesday and it seems like it has been weeks. But I don’t have much to say today…well, there’s been an entry in my mind for some time but I’m not sure it’s the right time to write it yet. It’s news, big news. Well, for my world anyway. There’s someone who reads this blog who I should have told on the phone but I haven’t yet. (Chris, I will call soon, I promise! Steve only knows because he called ME! :) ).

So, my big news: I’m pregnant. Just saying it feels awkward. “They” – oh the infamous “they” – say you’re not supposed to tell anyone until three months in, to reduce risk of miscarriage and disappointment to all you know. Well, according to the doctor last Thursday, I am about 8 or so weeks in, and the chance drastically reduces from there. We’re crossing our fingers anyway.

But yes, this is the one big thing that I’ve been focusing on lately. I have been eating small healthy meals, avoiding caffeine, sleeping a lot and trying not to blab it to everyone. But it’s difficult when it’s your first because – gosh – it’s just so exciting. It’s a big life changing… thing. It’s made us buy books and rearrange our house. We’re combining our offices into one, building desks for it, and then clearing out the other room for a nursery. Maybe it’s too soon but there’s a lot of work to be done. I’ve been planning how I’ll get around certain work related tasks, mainly paper. Since I run the copy machine, I have to go upstairs and get boxes of paper. I used to be able to haul them just fine onto the handcart but now, I’m really not supposed to. So who do I get to do it? This office tends to be a rumor mill so if I get a guy in the department to do it, will people thing there’s a thing… going on? Most of my superiors don’t know the news yet, only my immediate boss, who is so excited and supportive.

Ash has told a lot of people in his office – the older women who seem to love him like a son, especially one woman who lost her son. We’re making her and her husband the godparents, because it’s like giving them a gift when they have nothing. It will mean a lot to her. Ash also knows a lot of people at work who have young kids or recently had a baby so we have so many connections for knowledge. We also already know a lot of people with kids, mainly those whom we do dinner club with. Our next outing is next weekend so we’ll talk all about it. I’m kind of getting into the whole “mommy” thing; been reading mommy blogs and My mother says don’t let it consume me. But I don’t think it has. I still go about each day the same. I still come into my office and work all day, go home, play with the dogs and make dinner. Only now, my dinners include a lot more effort and protein.

So there’s my big news, finally off my chest. What’s going on in your worlds?

A meme for entertaintment

I swiped this from Swistle. It’s called the ABCs of homemaking. I’m not going to tag anyone though. But feel free to swipe if you’re feeling domestic.

Aprons- Y/N? Nah. I don’t own one. I just keep the towel on my shoulder like mom did

Baking- Favorite thing to bake? Cookies or brownies

Clothesline- Y/N? No, I don’t like my clothes to be all scratchy

Donuts- Ever made them? I made beignets once; do they count?

Everyday- One homemaking thing you do every day? I either sweep or clean a dish every day

Freezer- Do you have a separate deep freezer? No, we don’t barely fill the one we have

Garbage Disposal- Y/N? Yes and it’s a pretty sweet invention.

Handbook- Y/N? I could write you one…

Ironing- Love it or hate it? – Don’t do it actually. Ash buys wrinkle free shirts

Junk Drawer- Where is it? Kitchen and it doubles as a “utility” drawer

Kitchen- Design and decorating? -Our kitchen is pretty old and has nasty white cabinets and ugly blue wallpaper. I don’t do much with it because someday we’re going to totally redesign.

Love- What is your favorite part of homemaking? I guess I like looking at the house once everything has been cleaned.

Mop- Y/N? Um. Yes, I usually mop the kitchen floor once a week with this anti-pet smell stuff

Nylons- Wash by hand or in the washer? I don’t barely ever wear them so I dunno

Oven- Do you use the window or open it to check? Eh, depends. Ash hates when I let the heat out
Pizza – what do you put on yours?- We’re boring: cheese and pepperoni

Quiet- What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? read or listen to music

Recipe card box- Y/N? No, but I really should

Style of house- I like to call it a gramma house. it’s ranch style (I guess), 3 sides brick and basic roofing, one car garage.

Tablecloths and napkins- Y/N? Napkins yes. We normally eat at the coffee table but when we have guests, I use placemats

Under the kitchen sink- bleach, other cleaners, detergents and roach bait. He.

Vacuum- How many times a week? MAYBE once. We don’t have a lot of carpet

Wash- How many loads do you do a week? Probably 3 or 4.

Xs- Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? I go in spurts with lists. They work best for me but sometimes I forget.

Yard- Who does what? I tend to mow more often but we’ll both do larger projects.

ZZZs- What is your last homemaking task for the day? Making sure there’s nothing in the sink to attract bugs.

Why does it always rain on me?

It’s going to be one of those days. First, I was running late to work. Or at least, I thought I was. Then I got to my office about 10 minutes early. Ok, so that was actually better than I thought. So I check some mail and head to the library where my students had a researching assignment. Half of them were not prepared (i.e. – no pen or paper) but somehow they all did the assignment. Well, all except one girl. She comes in about 10 minutes late, dressed to the nines and sits at my table. She came only to sign up for conference but told me that pledging to the sorority takes up so much time she doesn’t have time for school. This wasn’t a complaint; she was telling this to me matter-of-factly. Then she admitting to knowing she’d take an absence for the day, seeming not to care. Wow – why don’t you just drop out of college?

After leaving the library – a little later than class normally gets out – I went into the Union for a bagel. I was trying to be lazy and catch the bus but of course, it pulled up when I was about half a block away. I started running/jogging, spilling my drink and missing said bus. So I ended up walking and it wasn’t even that bad. I don’t know what I was thinking. But things seem better now; I am back to my office, reading soem papers and it’s already 10:30, which seems a lot later than I thought it was. So yeah, how’s everyone else’s Thursday going?

Turning warmer, Spring is coming

Man, what I wouldn’t give to go home right now. But you know how much I’d get accomplished at home? Not too much. In fact, I can see it now… (here’s where the tv screen goes blurry, cueing in the imagination sequence). I’d come in the door and say, “Hi, puppies!”, then let them out to bounce about the yard, pee, jump on each other and eat leaves until I call them in. I’d put my pajama pants on and a t-shirt, pour myself a glass of water. Probably turn on the tv but I might opt to lay in bed under the nice microfiber comforter Ash got me for Christmas. And then the pups and I would fall into a deep sleep until their little bellies are roused by hunger around 4:30.

Alas, I have 2 hours and about 15 minutes (I came back from lunch after only 45 minutes). Lunch was quite tasty: I got a rotisserie chicken breast and mustard potato salad from Fresh Market. I know the potato salad isn’t all good for me but at least the chicken is. I need protein! But now I feel sort of lazy and sluggish. It reminds me of the Emerald Nut commercial where they say in the afternoon Robert Goulet shows up and messes with your stuff. That spot cracks me up.

I wish I felt more philosophical these days so I could give a really good entry that was thought-provoking instead of being sort of whiny and lame. But it seems I just don’t have the will-power to think much anymore. I’m hoping that if I get into the PhD program, that will all change due to sheer necessity. But we’ll see, won’t we?