The lull between

As always, Christmas has an anti-climactic overall feeling at the end. We had Christmas this morning – Ash’s family makes piles for your gifts then they go around one at a time to watch everyone open one gift – and it was a lot of fun. I feel like I didn’t give enough, especially since they gave me a ton.( Without trying to sound greedy and materialistic I got: ER season 4, King Kong, socks, GC to Office Depot, a rugged professional grade knife set, scrapbooking kit, caligraphy set, some oils and juices [bath stuff], wet/dry vac for the Element, Severence [Bob Butler’s latest], and the piece de resistance: an iGroove by Klipsch.) Yeah,  I am way spoiled. I didn’t even list the stuff my parents got me. That was just Ash’s family. I don’t know how to feel about getting loaded up with such gifts. I guess the only thing I can be is grateful.

We had a nice turkey dinner in the afternoon that was punctuated by silence. I cannot go into details but it was weird. In the afternoon we hiked up the mountains. It was a good hike and we got far before we saw a rattler and decided it was time to go home. Tomorrow we plan on doing a bit of shopping and I don’t know what else. We might rock climb some, maybe go eat at a mexican restaurant that my mother ate at long long ago. I wish I had brought my new moleskine journal with me so I yearn to write a lot in my blog but at the time, it cannot be. So I leave you now with some pictures. Enjoy.

webbie.JPG       rocky.JPG       overlooking.JPG       bunny-quail.JPG       parents-house.JPG