I love Paris in the summer, when it sizzles

Thursday. Thurs. Thuuuurs. Doesn’t that sound like some other word? Like, a word that would mean either/or. Wow, I’ve started the day off oddly already. I blame too much sleep. I got about 8 hours (for once!) and actually bounded out of bed and felt alive this morning. Yay for feeling alive!

I am eating a bagel. Or, as my good friend in middle school, Jamie, would say – baggel. Her mom owned a barber shop about 4 or 5 blocks from my house and I would ride my bike up there in the afternoons, after school, and she and I would walk to the 7-11 and get these baggels that already had cream cheese on them. We heated them up in the microwave and sat on the curb, talking about boys and eating. Those were good times, carefree times.

Well yesterday, I did the one job I was actually saving for next week: I rearranged the grad lounge mailboxes. I couldn’t wait any longer; it had to be done. That place is such a mess because people don’t know how to throw away their garbage. After I had it nice and neat, I walked by a few times during the afternoon and already people had left random pieces of paper on the counter – obviously garbage. How lame.

It is overcast and cruddy this morning – not the perfect way to start the day. This weather makes me want to be somewhere else.

If you could be any one place in the world right now, where would it be and what would you be doing?