Journey:the best arena rock band EVER

It’s true, I swear it is. Journey is truly awesome.

Anyway, I have been working hard (not hardly working) all morning. It’s about time for lunch but I’m not hungry yet so I’ll put off my jaunt to the Union until maybe 2 or so. Must think about being healthy this week; somehow I have not worked out in about a week and a half. However, I did kick my ass into gear last night and rode my bike a while. With the hills, it’s always a killer workout.

On a completely unrelated note, I am making a list to give Ash of things I think would be fun in my stocking. In my house, stockings have always been important and to me, the most fun part of Christmas morning. My mom was very good at putting fun, unexpectedly cool things in there like socks, Legos and various things. What kinds of little items could Ash give me?

Don’t believe everything you read

So in my last post, I referenced the memory of some articles I read about Daniel Craig not wanting to do his own romantic scenes in the new Bond. Well, I have evidence to the contrary so I would like to say that it was a rumor probably the work of those folk who started the website or the like. They would do anything to make you believe he was bad for the role. (Get a hobby you guys; who cares?) I am including the link but I shall warn you; it’s NOT WORK SAFE.

Craig – full frontal (tee hee)

I just don’t like to report lies in my blog. If you think this entry inappropriate, please do tell. But I find this link has quite made my (busy) day. :)