Daniel Craig is oh-so tasty – a movie review

(Possible spoilers ahead)

A couple weeks ago, Ash expressed interest in seeing the new Bond. Then, earlier this week, I said we should go this weekend to see it. He said something to the effect of, “Eh, I heard some things and maybe we’ll wait.” Then yesterday, mid-afternoon he states, matter-of-factly, “We’re seeing Bond tonight.” Some guy at work told him it was good so he changed his mind, choosing not to tell me or anything. Not that it mattered because I wanted to see it all along! So, after a day of hauling that old jacuzzi to the dump, general cleaning and Christmas decorating, a lunch at Chili’s, and a 5 minute nap, we headed for dinner (Mexican) and then to see Casino Royale.

Brief aside – In 1967, there came out a Bond spoof movie starring David Niven which was titled Casino Royale, so when I saw this titled as such, I found it amusing and silly.

All in all, I was pleased with this installment of the Bond legacy. It certainly beat the hell out of Die Another Day and The World is Not Enough, which could possibly be the worst Bond movie yet. (And Denise Richards can die, kthxbye).

The reviews were correct in that this Bond is sort of brooding and self-refelctive, disgusted with himself and yet, well aware that he only knows this and this alone as a career. He’s not your typical always-gets-his-way Bond but he is charming and at times, vulnerable. As usual, there were some cheesy – if not honestly poorly written – lines of dialogue but on the whole, this was a grittier Bond.

I am very glad that Daniel Craig pulled this off because, as you may know, there were a lot of British and American nay-sayers who thought he was going to pretty much suck. I mean, he had to learn how to drive a manual and he didn’t want to do his own intimate scenes, among other complaints. But I think he was fabulous. And not to mention, easy on the eyes. Yes, he is quite a specimen of masculinity. (That highly talked about bathing suit scene does not last nearly long enough. ::sigh::)

So I reccomend the new Bond. I don’t know what else is out right now but I am sure it will beat whatever Denzel garbage that DejaVu movie is and Turistas Go Home and Tenacious D are, I’m sure, really top notch. ::rolls eyes::