Indian relics and a look back

I am saddened by the fact that this is our last day here – although it doesn’t feel all that special, since not everyone is here and it’s been a low-key day. I haven’t done that well in fantasy football but the Chargers won, which will make Ash happy. At least for one of the NFL games we attended this season our team pulled out a win. (Jags lost to the f’n Texans that time!)

I am still amazed by the vistas, the views, the mountains that surround us on all sides here. I wish I had the camera (Ash has it in San Diego) because the sunset now is spectacular. It is an ancient scene, one that predates the new construction of houses made to look like adobes, the Safeway around the corner, and paved roads.  We visited this preserved area up the road that was once inhabited by the Hohokam, which date back as far as 300 BC. Mary showed me these large flat rocks where the Indians once ground corn. They ground it down so much they formed perfectly round holes, about 3-4 inches deep. It reminded me of the water-washed rocks of the Atlantic coast, where tidal pools form. I went looking in the rocks for some pottery pieces – because it’s pretty prevalent around here – but I was unsucessful; I guess that’s how it will be today. First football and then that. What a way to end the year.

My 2006 was a pretty good year. I defended my thesis, finally passed a language and sucessfully earned my Masters. I found a steady job. I got a new car. My life is very good. I have a great husband, three wonderfully cheerful and well-behaved dogs. I met a lot of cool new people (Vivian, Tiffany, Judy, Kelly, Wayne) and hope that in the new year I can cement some more meaningful friendships. My new job allows me to interact with the graduate students in a way I never did when I too was a student. I am hoping that this will also lead to new friendships that will find me in good company and open my world to new experiences. I am lucky to still be able to teach and hold down a full-time job as well. This allows us to live a fuller life with the luxuries we seek. Not all but we are doing very well for a young couple our age. And 2007 shall bring new exciting advances for us. We’re actively trying to have a child this year and I hope that by year’s end, I can look back and say that I have moved forward, accomplished a lot, and be grateful for all that I have.

Happy new year, everyone. (Drive safe!)

Happy New Year’s Eve

Geez, I can’t believe there’s video of Sadaam’s hanging. I doubt I’ll be watching that. Although, it can’t be worse than anything I have seen on Face of Death. And besides, you can make yourself tune out the effects of that kind of crap. Either way, I won’t be looking for it myself.

Anyway, I intended on sleeping longer but Webster started barking at nothing so I was forced to take him out. Ugh. Unlike Todd, Iggy and Zoey, he does not go back to sleep after eating. He thinks every time I approach him I am initiating a game of chase me. Little snot. I am glad that I only had to be responsible for him for one night – while the guys are at the game. He doesn’t mind anyone very well and I’m not used to that.  Now he’s barking to get me to chase him. God, it’s 8 am you litttle beast!

Anyway, I don’t know what my plans are for today but I’m pretty much letting Mary run the show. Ash, Ell and his dad will be back around midnight (turn of the new year!) and I hope they make it in time – and safely. If not, well, it will just be me and Mary drinking champagne. Sigh. I don’t ever make a huge deal out of New Year’s; I’ve never been to a real party for it and I kind of think you should make resolutions all year, not just now. You can always be changing and improving.

With that I leave you. Happy Sunday.

Vacation pros and cons

So, Ash left with his dad and brother to travel to San Diego. They will be in attendance for the Chargers/Cardinals game tomorrow. I am really hoping he has a blast but in the meantime, I am pretty bored. I am here with his father’s wife, just chilling for now. I think later on we’re going to go to Costco and then for sushi. I also think she wanted to see a movie but the only movie I’d be interested in is a second viewing of Casino Royale.

Arizona is an interesting place. Like all other cities, it has its nice suburbs, downtown areas, construction, bars, restaurants and malls. But being surrounded by beautiful mountains never ceases to amaze me.  However, like all vacations. I am glad to have been here but ready to go home. I miss my bed and my shower – especially the water. Their water here is so soft that the soap never feels like it’s come off you. I miss my dogs, even though a break from taking care of them is sometimes nice. I’ll be happy to get back to my routines, my house, its cozy features. Even though there’s still time left, before I know it, I’ll be high in the sky, looking down over New Mexico, Texas, and eventually, Florida.

A quickie

This is just a quick note: I updated pics at my photo album of some stuff we’ve done out here. I don’t even truly get a chance to sit down and write a full entry but soon enough I will. Hope everyones’ Christmas went splendidly and I wish you happiness and good fortune in the new year.

The lull between

As always, Christmas has an anti-climactic overall feeling at the end. We had Christmas this morning – Ash’s family makes piles for your gifts then they go around one at a time to watch everyone open one gift – and it was a lot of fun. I feel like I didn’t give enough, especially since they gave me a ton.( Without trying to sound greedy and materialistic I got: ER season 4, King Kong, socks, GC to Office Depot, a rugged professional grade knife set, scrapbooking kit, caligraphy set, some oils and juices [bath stuff], wet/dry vac for the Element, Severence [Bob Butler’s latest], and the piece de resistance: an iGroove by Klipsch.) Yeah,  I am way spoiled. I didn’t even list the stuff my parents got me. That was just Ash’s family. I don’t know how to feel about getting loaded up with such gifts. I guess the only thing I can be is grateful.

We had a nice turkey dinner in the afternoon that was punctuated by silence. I cannot go into details but it was weird. In the afternoon we hiked up the mountains. It was a good hike and we got far before we saw a rattler and decided it was time to go home. Tomorrow we plan on doing a bit of shopping and I don’t know what else. We might rock climb some, maybe go eat at a mexican restaurant that my mother ate at long long ago. I wish I had brought my new moleskine journal with me so I yearn to write a lot in my blog but at the time, it cannot be. So I leave you now with some pictures. Enjoy.

webbie.JPG       rocky.JPG       overlooking.JPG       bunny-quail.JPG       parents-house.JPG


I am in Arizona, it’s cold and I took a long hot bath in a nice big jacuzzi tub. We watched football in the afternoon at a sports bar called The Fox and the Hound. Right now, the rest of the family is having an argument about capitalism and how kids these days are being raised to believe that money will solve everything – will bring you all happiness you seek. It’s sort of harshing my buzz.

Tomorrow is Christmas and from here, we plan to rock climb, bike, take a lot of pictures, and eat. I’ll be in touch. Happy Christmas, everyone.

Final day of work – woot!

Too anxious for real words; list time.

  • T-minus 50 minutes until I am out for the break!
  • I’m wearing my Brian Urlacher jersey today; he’s my pretend middle-linebacker boyfriend.
  • Rain rain go away
  • God, I am such a Daniel Craig fangirl. (That was a confession, y’all)
  • I am stil not craving any food. I ate some french bread.
  • Kite Runner calls to me
  • I feel like writing a poem
  • My back and arms hurt from playing Wii; I get way too into the bowling
  • I am not looking forward to cramped seats, recirculated air. Flying sucks
  • I hope I can hang out with some of my ex-Orlando friends tomorrow night. Not ex-friends of mine, ex-Orlando-ans. Orlandoians? Orlandans? Those of us who went to Brantley and/or know knew Brantley folk!!
  • I want some coffee
  • 3 days until Christmas
  • A reflective end-of-year post coming soon.

If I don’t post again today then I will definitely try to while we’re out there. If not, have a great holiday everyone!!

I don’t normally blog at night

I’m feeling very… jittery. No, that’s not it. I just feel like I shouldn’t stop moving… I’ll lose momentum if I quit now. I swept all floors, washed all floors. I put away dishes. I ate a pb&j sandwich, reluctantly. I have not craved food, nor really felt like eating, the last 2, 3 days. It’s odd, really odd. I started packing – hey, wait a sec… why aren’t my number lock and caps lock lights on? They still work – obviously – since I am typing right now. Maybe it’s time for a new keyboard. Sigh.

I left work at 12:30 and went directly home to take a nap. That really helped me get back on track for what I needed to do afterwards – which was run errands. I need to a get a grip on myself here, people. I don’t even know why I am so worried about this trip anyway. I don’t usually freak out about travelling THIS much. I need to relax.

Some random thoughts to end this entry:

  • I swear the feral cat in the ‘hood mated with a raccoon; the offspring are unusually large and have ringed tails
  • I had the nicest yet brief conversation with the guy who wrapped me up a piece of fried chicken at Publix
  •  I am not looking forward to the trip to the vet tomorrow; I don’t want to have to board the dogs, the poor things
  • I AM looking forward to Christmas with my parents and then again with Ash’s family. Not for presents but for the fun of the whole event; the sounds, the colors
  • Should I wear my Bears jersey to work tomorrow?
  • One more day and it’s vacation!!
  • I’l update some while out west; we’ll have Ash’s laptop and they have high speed, I’m sure

Slowly losing my mind

I guess it is only fitting that my word of the day from is “malaise”. That’s pretty much how I feel about work. I have resigned myself to the fact that at about noon, I will write a terribly self-depricating email to my sorta boss and tell her there’s no reason for me to be here and that I’m losing my mind doing nothing. I must do this only because about a month ago she had a total break-down about me taking time off this week. But that was when we were minus a person at the front desk. We have one now and she’s capable. I plan on working as much as I can to finish this one project but after that,  I am just wasting brain cells.

We went climbing last evening and, as expected, there wasn’t a soul there. It is, afterall, the week after school ended. I got in a little over an hour of climbing before my injury resurfaced. Sometimes I know it’s still there when I staple or try to pinch and pull something; this sharp biting pain that resonates throughout my wrist and sometimes, even up as far as my shoulder. My friend, Wayne, says that pain is temporary, to push through it. (Wayne is also crazy).

So yes, I have a shit-ton of things to do before going away tomorrow and I am really stressing. Instead of being calm, making a list, and attacking things one at a time and in an orderly manner, I am freaking out. I’m not kidding; I imagine this is what manic feels like – if that were it. Ash totally got me stressed out last night when his father called to find out what I want for Christmas. I told him, “Look at my Amazon wishlist.” But his dad’s looking to spend more, buy me something larger than books. But you know, I don’t have a running mental lsit of things that I am lusting after these days. I used to. Oh how I used to. When I was working at Comp I walked in almost every day thinking, “What can I buy today?” But these days, I am pretty simple. I have moved beyond a lot of materialism that I once had. I don’t need some fancy gadget (I have a digi cam and an ipod). I don’t need computer stuff, mine works just fine. I don’t need a gaming system, Ash has them all. If I had 150 bucks right now, you know what I would do? Well, first I’d get a pedicure. Then I’d buy a new shirt or two – because I really need them – and then the rest would go towards my student loan. I know I know, it’s not normal.

So I have been here but half an hour and already, I want to stab my eyes with this here pencil.

I hate Golds Gym

Ok, I’ve moved past fragment mode – I can fully form sentences once more. All it took was a Tab energy drink and 2 or so hours of stuffing envelopes. I’m almost done with that project though so that’s good. Accomplishments are good. As are rewards: I am eating carrots.

I had this really random, yet funny thought a minute ago. What if you met a guy whose name was Ken but it wasn’t short for Kenneth but rather, Kentucky? Wouldn’t that be kind of funny? I mean, women get names that are designated for things like months, flowers and states (Dakota, Montana), but so rarely do you see guys with those sorts of titles. Their only anomoly are names that can double as girls’ (Stacy, Kelly, Ashleigh). That is, unless you can think of others.

I keep thinking that today is Thursday, which would mean I’d be biking later and hardcore packing. Although, I may break out the big-ass suitcase tonight and begin planning out what we need. We’re going to be gone 10 total nights, which is a lot of clothes. I might as well plan on doing laundry out there.  I don’t have ten pairs of anything – except maybe socks but not all ones I’m fond of. If anyone needs to get me an xmas gift, socks would be fabulous, thanks.

My Dove chocolate wrapper says, “Go to your special place”. That would be my bed, but I really can’t do that right now. ::grumble grumble::

Noon. Roughly 2.75 hours until I’m going to leave. I have a hair appointment at 3:30 just to get my ends trimmed. Like I mentioned before. I haven’t had anything done to my hair since October 15th, 2005, the day of my wedding. I know, I’m not taking care of it the way I should. I kind of want to get my eyebrows waxed too but I’m such a tight-ass with my money that I don’t even want to spend 10 bucks. Sad huh? Really, I just have this mental problem where, even though I know I’ll have plenty of money, I worry that I’m going to check my bank account one day and it will be shockingly low. I know it’s lame. Maybe that’s what I need to start with when/if I go seek therapy. I know so many people with counselors. And it’s pretty easy to do it here; FSU has a service and I think I can even leave work to do it. It just might be cathartic.

I think I’m going to read some Kite Runner for a bit.