Do you know me?

I think you can learn a lot about a person from looking at their Amazon wishlist. I really do. I was farking around and there’s a link to the site’s admins’ wishlists. I was suprised to see that originator of Fark, Drew, had Talladega Nights on his list. That movie was SO bad. But at the same time, he had those neat new stemless wine glasses and Transformers, along with the biography of John Adams. Feel the odd disparity.

I feel like I have some rather uninteresting items on my list but that are nonetheless coveted. I like functionality above all else so some of my wants are strictly utilitarian. I mean, I have ink on there, for Pete’s sake. (Hey, I know someone named Pete now so that sort of makes me feel funny about saying that) I don’t know; maybe I just see my wishlist as being an actual help to people trying to buy gifts so I don’t go putting outlandish things on there like this.

P.S. Why is that that Amazon tells me that people who bought that also bought this and this?

Thursday beating down Friday’s door

Yeah, you could say I am ready for the weekend. This has seemed like a very long week. And it’s not over yet. Sigh. I’ve started the morning off on a good note though: I mailed a couple bills and prepared some food for work in the time that I normally lay back down in bed while Ash showers. I got into work, replied to all overnight email, peeled and ate 2 hard-boiled eggs and drank some green tea. I have the window open but it’s not really anything out today – except maybe humid. The temps are still warmer but come the weekend, as I have mentioned, that’s all going to change.

I am sore today and the key reason: the Nintendo Wii. The sports game it comes with has a great bowling game on it and I was sort of playing for, well, a good long while 2 nights ago. I had to keep getting higher and higher scores and I started getting into it. Soon, I found myself bowling like normal – like real life – so it’s all those lunges that made my thighs ache and my lower back so sore. Plus, we climbed last night and I was working on this particularly long route. That is, until I re-injured my wrist. It doesn’t hurt too much now or on a daily basis but put a stapler in my hand and I am useless. Movements like that are nigh impossible with this pain. I meant to pop a couple Aleve before heading out this morning but it slipped my mind. ::grumble grumble::

There are so many things I want to accomplish today that I fear there aren’t enough hours in the day. I really need to clean out my car. It’s gotten quite dirty and cluttered since the trip (and the rain – wet leaves and all) and I feel my new car deserves some loving care. The problem is that it’s still rainy and my driveway is covered in a blanket of leaves, which irks me. I hate that they never go away – even if I blow them into the street, they eventually accumulate back into the side street gutter. Plus, I need to sweep and wash floors, do laundry, buy some Christmas decorations, and do a bit of grocery shopping. You know, it never ends.

I hope everyone enjoys their Thursday – just keep reminding yourself that the weekend is almost here.

gearing up for mid-day

Ahh work. How I do love you… when you keep me busy for hours. I just input the instructors for their classes. It’s a tedious job but only has to be done three times a year so should I be complaining? Not really. It’s almost 11, which means it will soon be 12 and I will take lunch. I need to hit the vet and the post office during my break and, hopefully, I can get that all done in a fairly quick manner. Sometimes I hate errands.

I can’t tell if that Frappuccino made me awake or sluggish; at times I feel fine and others, like right this second, I feel like I want to take a nap. Maybe it’s the danish that’s bringing about the sleepiness. For lunch I ought to get something very healthy. Maybe a Tropical Smoothie wrap. Although, my sister ate one with chicken once and found a bone in it. I wouldn’t believe it except that I was there and I saw it; how gross. I mean, I have found small bones in my tuna before but this was an all out bone. Any suggestions as to what’s good at Tropical Smoothie?

ETA: I actually ended up at the Pitaria and I had a plain ol’ basic gyro. it was quite yummy. I don’t eat those, well, ever but they remind me of my childhood. On the weekends, when my mother was working, my father and I would run errands about town and he always stopped at this little place – the kind where you walk up to the window and order, eating around the side on a concrete bench and table – and ordered a gyro. (He liked to get into it and say YEE-rrroh). I don’t think he eats them very often now but they’ll always remind me of my father.

Not long now; only two hours. I’m feeling compelled to write so I’ll probably set down here and try to pound something out. I need to focus more on my non-fiction. I may not have had any major trauma in my life but I know I have stories to tell.

an entry to tide me over

This morning, I spent from about 7:45 until right now, making copies for students. usually, they do this on their own but the machine was acting up so I went ahead and did it. They appreciate it and it makes me feel productive so I really didn’t mind at all. Although now, I am extremely thirsty and hungry, so I will go now to procure coffee and some sort of breakfast item.

Countdown to the end

I have about an hour before class so I’m wasting some time on the net. Things have calmed down a bit, now that I have solved the scheduling issues. Wow, did that ever freak me out. I don’t like making relatively large mistakes but I do like solving them. I strive for excellence and that was a huge self disappointment.

On the agenda for this afternoon we have French at 3:30, go to Publix for taco fixins, go home, try to mow the backyard for it is truly a mess, and then, relax.

I think I will try this in the bath tonight. Yes, it will be oh-so nice.

ETA: Amandopondo is very nice! It is described as having a “lemony rosy scent” but it was more rose and not noxious or anything. I only used a quarter of the bar and it produced a lot of bubbles. I would reccomend this to those who don’t want an overpowering stink in their bath and who also want to conserve bars for multiple uses.

Happy f’n Tuesday

Yeah, I’m not in the best mood today. Nor was I yesterday but I only had myself to blame. I messed up some stuff and had to break down, admit it was my fault, and then start repairing it.  I have fixed all but one slight problem and on that, I am awaiting a reply email. So really, I ought not complain at all. But it made my night crappy. I got home at 6:30, which means I was away from home for and working almost every moment of those 11 hours. I got home and changed the bettas’ water and did some laundry. Then I decided to take a bath (with Bathos from Lush!) Unfortunately, Ash got home and invited Wayne and Lance to come in and play the Wii. I was pretty good about not showing my annoyance when they didn’t leave for over 2 hours. I was hungry and cranky and in no mood for guests. But by being passive and understanding, I got Ash to admit he should have asked if it was ok to have them there.

The day is getting cloudier by the moment and I fear colder too – or so it seems like one of those kinds of days. However, it appears it will be staying in the low 70’s until about Friday when, after some rainstorms, our temps will plummet back down to the 30’s at night, low 60’s during the day, which is normal for December. Come Janurary and February, the highs may only reach low 50’s, high 40’s most days. Scarf weather, I call it.

I eagerly await the arrival of my boss so we can get all this garbage for Spring situated.

I have a bottle of water but I want a Dr. Pepper, dammit.

Can this day be over now?

For the future…

An opening aside, just to get it out of the way: I’m getting a lot of hits but not a lot of comments. Do I update just to get comments? No, not really. But for the amount of blogs I do comment on, I get surprisingly little back. I guess I’ll start being less selfish. This is a forum for me to write how I feel, not to solicit comments.

Anyway, the day has been busy and there’s still more work to do. I have emailed all the TA’s their Spring assignments but now I need to add them to the classes themselves. This is a long involved process of searching through names of all employees and saving in multiple windows; the system we have is not all that intuitive either. But I’m not *actually* complaining about this work – just talking my way through it.

In terms of my own writing, I have come to an impasse. On the one hand, I still have that gut feeling inside that urges me to tell a story, to put pen to paper. But when I actually get there – to the point of realization – nothing happens. This is also the case with sending stuff out to be published, which worries me a lot since I have come to the conclusion that I will apply for the PhD program here for Fall. There are a few aspects of it that turn me off: taking two foreign language exams, prelims, more lit classes than I ever want to take ever again. But all in all, I don’t think I will ever become the writer I want to be if I don’t do this. The deadlines alone make me sit my ass down and compose. Perhaps after another 5 years of schooling, I will have taught myself the power to set my own deadlines. All in all, you have to love what you do, right?

So wish me luck as I gather my meager collection of non-fiction and poetry and piece together something coherent.

Food memories

I wanted to spend an entire entry talking about food, because I got a little, well, out of hand, I suppose, these past few days. Not in terms of unhealthy things, but in portion sizes. When we got into town on Wednesday evening, my mother threw together a lasagna. Hers is usually really tasty; not as good as my grandmother’s (and no, we’re not even remotely Italian) but it still hits the spot. I had a large piece, two chunks of french bread, and two glasses of wine, which is what put me over the top. And then, my sister decided we should get ice cream. I pretty much stuffed it in and fell asleep soon afterwards.

I enjoyed the mornings of this vacation. I woke early each day (I AM a morning person) and took the dogs out. Then my mom and I drank coffee and ate Publix breakfast bread. We read the newspaper and talked about various things before Ash, my father, or my sister emerged from their rooms. Well, except on Friday when my dad was out of town taking care of stuff with my grandfather’s will/property/etc, and when my sister worked “Black Friday”.

On Thursday, we stuffed ourselves with traditional Thanksgiving fare: a roast turkey (but just a breast) cooked on a bed of celery and carrots,  candied yams with the little marashmallows, my mashed potatoes (which are really creamy) corn on the cob, green beans, sausage stuffing, cranberry relish (from Fresh Market) and yeast rolls. Everything was so good and I told myself not to eat so fast. But alas, I could not seem to eat slowly. Which disappoints me that I can’t take the time to enjoy truly good cooking.

On Friday, while my father was still gone, the four of us went to this mexican place that had a strange name: Garibaldi’s. One would think it was Italian with that name but no, it was traditional Mexican. The cheese sauce was made with white cheese (yumm), the chips were crispy and refills were prompt, and the rest was very good. I had Enchiladas verde, with green salsa on top, and the rice was… interesting. It had peas and green beans in it. Not what I am used to but it was quite good.

Saturday night, once my father got back into town, we went out to Macaroni Grill. I wanted to go because Ash hadn’t been in years and we’re about o have one open here. I quite liked mine: chicken breasts with a layer of portabello mushroom and then cheese, with a spinach orzo side. Ash had fettucini alfredo as usual but theirs is interesting in that it’s very light; not too overbearing on the cheese or garlic.

Before leaving for home yesterday morning, we went up to Bob Evans, for alas, Tallahassee does not (yet) have one of these meccas of breakfast. Ash had pancakes, which, I can honestly say, I have never seen him eat. He ate them as a kid all the time but not since I have known him has he partaken. I had coffee and the biscuits with sausage gravy, plus home fries with a fried egg on top. Such a tasty way to begin the day. Somehow yesterday was my most unhealthy day of the entire trip. When we got home, Ash ordered Steak-out so I had a cheeseburger and a baked potato, but also, these little potato wedges. Later, after I had committed to staying in my pajamas, Ash convinced me to go to the grocery store – our fridge was empty – and we came home to eat a frozen pizza. Ugh. I bet I ate 100 grams of fat yesterday, I swear. So today, breakfast is a fruit cup. Lunch is a sandwich and a fruit cup, and dinner will probably be vegetables of some sort.

Vacations are nice and letting yourself go on eating is ok but eventually, your body would like you to get back to the routine.

scatterbrained sunday

Sometimes it’s good to get back to work. If you have too much time away, you don’t appreciate your vacations. This break was just long enough. I think one more day and my mom’s habit of worrying about EVERYthing and her nagging at my sister would have pushed me over the edge. But with anything, if we had stayed longer and I had gotten used to it, then I would have learned to deal with her faults – just like I did my whole life. But enough about the bad; the good far outweighed it. I am very thankful for such a great family and we are truly blessed because we are able to spend time with each other.

And enough cheese; I have to get myself back into the swing of things. Work ought to be fairly busy this week. I have to register some students for online classes and then email the TA’s their Spring teaching assignments. Unfortunately, I must do these individually – we have about 100 TA’s with said assignments. Fun! But time-consuming, which is always a plus. Really, there’s not much time left in the semester. My last day of work is the 22nd and we don’t return until January 1st, 2007. Where has this year gone? I can’t believe we’ve been in this house over a year, that Ash and I have been married over a year, that we’ve built a rock wall, gotten into mountain biking, bought a new car… it all goes by so quickly.

In other news, the Bears gave shit-eating-grin Tom Brady and the Pats a run for their money but in the end, Rex Grossman couldn’t pull it off. What can you say? He is, afterall, a Gator. But their Defense and Brian Urlacher gave me a bunch of points in fantasy, so I was happy. Ohh Brian, I love you (said in my best Cartman voice).

I’m going to try to upload some photos to myphotoalbum – they’ll be under the “various holidays” album and possibly some in the “nature” album, since we did go canoeing.

Happy Sunday night everyone. I wish you all a pleasant and prosperous Monday.