Early morning Wolvie on the brain

I was reading Eil’s journal and she came across the motherload of Wolverine pics. So I was getting a bit reminiscent of when I kept folder upon folder of pictures, not just of comic chars of course, but of all those celebs I had school-girl crushes on. One time, a roommate of mine reloaded my computer for me (this was before I had built my own, which led me to learn how to wipe a machine) and somehow, he lost a lot of my stuff. I lost big ol’ folders with endless pictures of: George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Goran Visnjic, among others. I’m talking huge-ass folders here people. And, since I am reminiscing, I’ll also be honest: I used to be in a yahoo group where I got a couple of pics every day of… Justin Timberlake. It was a phase – shoot me. (It was also about 4 years ago) But all that was gone. And, somehow, I managed to lose the heart or will to recollect all that stuff. Today, I have a few small folders left with miscellaneous stuff. One has about 12 Johnny Depp pics, some George, Wolverine/Jubilee stuff, Gambit, and maybe a few Jake Gyllenhaal. But that’s it. Just a testament to the fact that someday, we outgrow our ways.

I am working on making a page of pics to supplement this entry but for some reason, I cannot link to a page I create without having it show up in my sidebar. So I’ll keep working on it and let you know.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

On Saturday night, some friends and I got together to have a pot luck sort of thing and to carve pumpkins. I am now convinced that doing those patterns that come with the carving kit is the way to go. They make you look like a professional carver. I went traditional jack-o-lantern and the rest of them put me to shame. Oh well, it was still good fun. I made a dessert: sweet pumpkin dip, eaten on ginger snaps and served in a hollowed out pumpkin. It was pretty good – fattening though. It’s basically 2 cups confectioner’s sugar, beaten into 8 oz. of cream cheese. Stir in a can of pumpkin, 1 tbls of cinnamon, 1 tbls of pumpkin pie spice and 1 tsp of frozen OJ concentrate.

I’m going to go eat in the Suwanee Room for lunch I think. Although, I’d like to check my bank account first, Bank of America is having issues. Oh well, seven bucks is not going to break the bank.

Here’s the pumpkin I carved. I have another bigger one to do this week too. (Yes, I took the pic in the bathroom it had just the right amount of light).


Little to no sleep

Iggy whined a lot last night and got himself all worked up – snorting, breathing heavily – and we don’t know why. But it kept us up most of the night. At best, I got about 3.5 hours of sleep. Ugh.

But I’ve had coffee – at the expense of my stomach – so most all is good right now. The weather is beautiful: not yet above 51 and the high is only 65 – winds NNE at 17 mph. I am thankful for the change, especially if we keep up the biking.

This weekend, I rode about 5 miles each day. Sure that sounds like a small amount but on the hills of Tallahassee, it’s rugged. In fact, Tallahassee means “seven hills”, in, I think, Seminole. Anyway, we rode to lunch on Saturday, which was very rewarding. Ash seems to want to have a destination; we can’t just ride to ride, which is what I want to do. But he’s right: if we don’t set a goal, we are likely to turn back and not push ourselves. Definitely true for me.

I’ve recovered from “hormonal week” so I am starting to see the upside of things. I was feeling pretty bad about life for some reason, even in light of getting a new car. I even read some Dale Carnegie (How to stop worrying and start living) and even that didn’t help, even though it usually does. But it’s a new week and it can only get better from here. Anyway, here’s a pic of the pups in the new car for your viewing pleasure. Happy Monday.


A magic trick has three acts

If you had no intentions of seeing The Prestige I highly reccomend you change your mind. One of the best films I have seen in a long long time. I don’t want to hype it up too much for you, but seriously, this was awesome!

In other news, Todd had another hive flare-up. He gets these every so often where little bumps grow on his back and makes his hair stand up in little – and not so little – round tufts. The vet can’t figure it out because it never seems directly related to food, the weather, or plants/animals. So he’s on medication for a few days which makes him pee more often. Yes, I heard him whining and no I did not take him out. That’s why he peed on the bed. So after only 5 hours of sleep, I had to wash the sheets and start the process of getting pee out of the mattress. I am a pro at this now.

It’s definitely a Fall day out: overcast and cool, fallen leaves everywhere. I think I might go out and take some more pics of the new car; the overcast conditions may lend themselves better, since there won’t be a glare. But then again, I am not feeling very motivated right now.

Actually, I think I am going to try to bake a loaf of bread. I need to perfect this recipe – it’s just something I need to do.

random shtuff

I wanted to say that I am in a better mood now. It just took a bit of time. Oh and the email from the head of school saying that all USPS employees (in my category) get about a 200 dollar bonus on December 8th. Um, yeah that’s one way to make the day better!

I also wanted to mention the anniversary gift from my family. It is a one night stay at the same place we had our wedding reception. (Please see myphotoalbum for pics). It is the McFarlin House in Quincy. Our stay includes champagne, strawberries and chocolate, romantic music, spa mineral bath thingy, and a romantic meal in the dining room. We’re staying in the King’s view room if you want to check it out. McFarlin House It’s going to be a very nice little outing when we get around to it.

cars and nothing-ness; useless Friday

A few things on my mind this morning:

– I’m actually not sick anymore. After only a few days of the antibiotic, the sinus infection has dulled down enough so that it’s not a constant reminder of how crappy I feel. It’s about time I was doing better.

– My new car is so cool! I feel like there’s so much to explore about it and so much driving to be done. I wish I could take the day off and take pictures and ride all around. In fact, I may leave early, we’ll see.

– I am in a crappy mood now, after that last paragraph. I won’t go into the details but I just want to sit here with the door shut and cry to myself. But then again, I am being hormonal so it could just be that.

– Basically, this day is going to be long and boring and I am NOT looking forward to it. Sorry to bring anyone down but I am just feeling… unhappy.

more car talk

In about two hours, I’ll be going to get my new Element. I wanted to point out some features of the car that particularly excite me. You’ll think me foolish but come on, when was the last time I got anything this new and cool? You don’t know because I don’t know!

  • Blue backlit guages
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • 270-watts, 7 speakers including subwoofer
  • auxilliary jack for my ipod
  • waterproof fabric both rear and front
  • passenger side armrests (the LX does not have this!)
  • fuel cap indicator (always afraid I’ll leave it open!)
  • can fit two bicyles

I am stoked about so many things but the last one’s cool if Ash and I really get into biking and want to go elsewhere to ride. Of course, I’m going to need to buy a bike first. :)

I should have known…

… that I don’t have enough credit to get the interest rate that I want. I got to the bank to sign my loan papers and – silly me – I assumed that the rate shown on the website was the one I’d get, not the lowest possible you could get. Big DUH. I only have one student loan and a TireKingdom credit card so my Beacon score is not fabulous. Now Ash, on the other hand, when we were applying for our mortgage, had what they called an “excellent” credit score. SO, I attained all necessary paperwork so he could be the primary account holder and I dropped it off at 7 AM this morning. I am hoping that his will really drop the rate to something more reasonable. I am hoping that this will mean that I get my car today. Mine could die any day now.
I was so excited yesterday. I mean, as I drove to the bank I was thinking about how cool it was going to be to be driving that car back from the dealership, in its brand new car smell glory, with the radio pumpin’, ipod plugged in, windows down. And then – bam! – 7.9% apr. Hell no. That’s just ass-rape, I’m sorry. Our mortgage is lower than that, by a lot.  I was angry at the bank for not telling me “Oh you got approved for your loan at so-and-so perecentage and that would make your monthly payment blank.” Wouldn’t that have been the responsible thing to do? I know I should have asked but still. Not as professional as I would have hoped.

So today I have to go to the campus bookstore to submit Spring book orders. And then basically, I am waiting. Since I am boycotting the fourth floor and NOT going up there for any reason, I will be sitting in my office, waiting to hear from the bank. Oh, and I have a student conference at 2.

So yeah, I have a long boring day ahead of me so any nice little comments would brighten it up.

Happy almost Friday day.

Quick work-related post

Office politcs suck.

You know when you’re a kid and you think about how mature and responsible you’ll be when you’re an adult? Some adults still act like children.

I’m so glad that my office is on the second floor.

I’m staying out of that nonsense – I know I’m doing a good job down here.

That is all. As you were.