Quick work-related post

Office politcs suck.

You know when you’re a kid and you think about how mature and responsible you’ll be when you’re an adult? Some adults still act like children.

I’m so glad that my office is on the second floor.

I’m staying out of that nonsense – I know I’m doing a good job down here.

That is all. As you were.

this entry = useless

I think there’s a piece of candy corn stuck where I once had a wisdom tooth. Why am I eating candy corn at 8 in the morning, you ask? An answer I cannot give. But I love its sugary goodness.

I have about 7 student conferences coming up, at 8:45. I do not look forward to them but I do look forward to the day passing. At 2:30, I am giving a presentation to the new TAs. They haven’t taught the research class yet so i get to talk about why I teach the strand I teach. Fun. Sometime before lunch, I plan on calling my Honda salesman – let’s call him Billy – and finding out what the status of my car is. I am hoping – but not getting myy hopes UP – that it will be here by week’s end. I hate waiting – it’s true. But I want this new car so much, it’s difficult to put it into words. It’s more like a MEEP!

Gray and rainy today but not really cold. In fact, it’s pretty warm and muggy, which makes me feel like I should have just stayed home.  Actually, strike that: it’s just plain crappy outside today. I mean, it’s damnd dark out there.

If my stomach wasn’t already feeling wavy, I’d get a coffee.

If I didn’t feel guilty about it, I’d eat a piece of chocolate.

If I were king of the forrrreeeeest…..