mm, tastes like blood

Sooner or later the bleeding ought to stop. I think it is pretty much done; Dr. Frank said to change the dressing every hour for about 3-4 hours, which it will have been at 12:30. Feeling is beginning to return to the left side of my face. The right side of my jaw aches from trying to swallow though. My vow of silence is in full swing; I have a headache from not eating. I am supposed to eat soft foods – broths, milkshakes – but how am I supposed to order a milkshake if I can’t talk? I guess that’s what husbands are for.

Unfortunately, I made the decision to still hold class today. They are giving presentations and that’s too important to hold off or miss. Luckily, my students understand that I will not be speaking to them. In some ways, it’s pretty interesting to spend a entire day silent. It’s more like a test than anything.

Anyway, the tooth came out fairly easily and now I am just on the mend. I’m going to work on a poem for Ash for our year anniversary. Happy Monday.