It burns us!

My eyes are burning; probably from staring at this computer but I was actually doing work. I know, it’s a shock. I also did some French homework, although it was a bit confusing. My brain is not in the foreign language sort of mode today; I can tell that class will be a pain. It is translation day so I guess I’ll just bumble my way through it. And it’s in an hour – wee!

Ash is going mountain biking tonight so I may do one of three things:

  • get my eyebrows waxed
  • clean the house
  • ride the crappy bike around the neighbourhood

These aremy options: what do you think?

Got to admit it’s getting better

A recap: after having felt like crud yesterday, going home for four hours, then returning to work, then only to teach, climb at the rock gym for 1.5 hours, run on the elliptical for .5 hours and then make dinner and do laundry, I was feeling… ok. Although extremely exhausted.

So when I awoke this morning, the plan was to feel well. But I didn’t. I knew as soon as the alarm went off that I was going to call in. It was almost subconscious; I just did it then went back to sleep until about 9:45 when I naturally awoke. I have a confession: I made pancakes. I have been craving pancakes for about two weeks now. They were yummy but probably not what a semi-sick person ought to eat. I got up and ready and parked at abnbout 11:05. So I made decent time and now I am in my office, window open, working on a grad assistant database. I’m feeling alright; my head is pretty stuffy and my body aches but I don’t feel completely out of it.

I’m sort of surprised that it’s thursday already. The week is going by pretty quickly. Soon it will be lovely Saturday and I can have some fun – hopefully I will be well by then.