Let’s, um, change the subject, shall we?

My blog got a little too gloomy with the last post. It is indeed a tragedy but, life must go on. In fact, it just does, all on its own.

I actually did a bunch of work today and even got ahead on some things. I made up a little grammar worksheet for my students, because more than half of the 26 papers I graded had errors like:

to, too, and two  OR their, there, and they’re OR then and than OR interrogative sentences ending in a period. What is wong with this picture? I realize that the public school system has changed a lot of its curriculum since I was a kid but these are necessary facets of language. I can’t tell you how many websites – and perhaps you have seen them – where people post an office email or a government letter even, that is riddled with these sorts of mechanical errors. What ARE kids learning these days?

On a school-related note; since I am one of only about fifteen Grads teaching the 1102 class – research – this semester, a handful of first year students have asked to observe my section. (They have to do this as a part of the program). I am very flattered that they want to observe my class. I am also excited that I was asked to present the strand I teach to them in their weekly meeting. I look forward to telling them why it works and where it fails, so they can be ready in the Spring.

Only two more hours until I leave. Today has gone fairly quickly and I am thankful.


Previous entry

Remember this? The guy who was missing, it turns out, has died. There was an emergency department meeting this morning about it. No details. I don’t know if he died enroute to Japan or in Japan. It makes me really worry for Steve, my good friend living over there. Steve, if you read this, shoot me an email.

As if this day weren’t crappy already…

ETA: Some of your former FSU-ians may have known the guy so if you wanna know details, email me.

Mondays always seem to suck – but you know that

I am in a seriously shitty mood and I don’t know why. But I can tell you that, for some reason, I am embracing it, which is only perpetuating it. I’m generally grumpy: kind of sick of the clothes I am wearing, annoyed that the system to look up the Spring courses, which went “live” today, is only showing about a quarter of them, mad that I got annoyed at Ash over something as silly and inconsequential as the toaster oven (I should laugh about that), and I know I have to study French but I don’t want to. Plus, Ash’s flag football game is at 6:30 tonight but my class goes until about 6:15. Which means I get to trek across campus and then drive across town, only to miss probably half the game. It shouldn’t annoy me but it does.

Also, I dropped to 3rd in my fantasy football league and I doubt I’ll even stay there, after tonight’s game. The person with Donovan McNabb is only one point behind me. Sigh. Stupid sports. Ugh.

So yeah, show me some love in comments so I don’t go postal on this building. (I don’t mean that, Big Brother. I know how you want to find all the people who make slightly hinting comments and MUST therefore be terrorists).

Happy f’n Monday.